Call Shetima Yerima To Order, Ndigbo United Forum To ACF

Ndigbo United Forum (NUF) a sociopolitical organization has reviewed the recent interview granted by the acclaimed National President of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, one Alhaji Shetima Yerima. We considered his opinion inconsequential, inciteful  lacking in wisdom and monumental abuse of freedom of speech by claiming to be mouthpiece of the North as he asserted that North will not accept Igbo, Yoruba candidates that will come from APC or PDP. This call has become necessary as the platform upon which he misfired is a Youth Wing of ACF, expectedly under the control of ACF. May we remind Nigerians that it was this same name and character who in 2017 stirred the polity by giving the Igbos residing in North quit notice from North or have themselves to blame. Yerima worked freely without questioning and that apparently emboldened him the more to engage in another uncouth political misadventure and miscalculation. He went further to carelessly insinuate that Ndigbo, a whole race of gifted people and pride of the negro is not ready for 2023 Presidency insisting retention of power in North beyond 2023.

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We also analyzed the position of Northern Elders Forum as contained in a statement signed on 9th February, 2020 by the respected Prof Ango Abdullahi, CON that the “North knows its interests and will stand together to elect ONLY persons (including Presidency) who meet the standards and interests of the people of the North.”  This matured and commendable position is glaringly a shift from the untamed utterances of their prodigal son whom they owe a duty to rein in and rehabilitate accordingly.


  1. Ndigbo United Forum align our self with our leaders and other Igbo groups working towards having a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction because the time is ripe and now come 2023;
  2. We thank bold, patriotic, vocal men and women of goodwill as well as groups from other ethnic groups that has spoken in support of Igbo Presidency and urge others to do so;
  3. We are ready to dialogue with persons and groups that share our position towards actualization of the Nigerian President from Southeast in 2023;
  4. We urge the two major political parties APC, PDP or any emerging block to produce only Igbos to fly their flags as Presidential candidates in 2023;
  5. We encourage Ndigbo to massively participate in ALL political processes;
  6. We wish to reassure Nigerians that Igbos have multiple Presidential materials that will bring about desired changes in Nigeria and NUF will ensure emergence of such credible persons; 
  7. We ask leaders of various sociopolitical and sociocultural organizations across the country to align and support Ndigbo for equity, fairness and justice in the leadership of Nigeria which will reduce agitation;
  8. We equally implore our  revered leaders to monitor and control comments of their children to  deescalate tension and promote harmony; 
  9. We tasks our Igbo elected officials and political appointees to do more in area of emerging political sensitization and deliver services to convince people to participate actively; and
  10. We solicit that let the ONLY Northern interest Prof Abdullahi referred to be Igbo person and  as we need the support of NEF and other groups because an Igbo man as President will cater for all interests.
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Ndigbo United Forum is committed to Igbo unity, interests and welfare at all time and will always pursue this for the good of our people which will ultimately translate to the good of Nigeria.


Mazi Agodi KANU

Acting Secretary General, NUF.

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