Chaos At Kabul Airport As Thousands Tries To Flee Afghanistan (Photos)

Chaos At Kabul Airport

Thousands of desperate Afghans are gathering at Kabul airport in chaotic scenes after the Afghan capital fell to the Taliban who have announced a new ‘Islamic Emirate’.

Video from Kabul showed panicked stampedes to the gates of the airport, while some passengers were forced to get off their commercial flights when departures were stopped.

Thousands of passengers were filmed thronging the tarmac by Afghan businessman Shoaib Barak who said he was forced to get off his KamAir flight after boarding and heard gunfire.

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The speed of the Taliban advance has taken almost everyone by surprise and Afghans who had booked commercial flights to escape the Taliban face being forced to remain in Afghanistan.

Westerners will be evacuated by their home nations on military flights but the Taliban has said that it will not allow Afghan citizens to leave.

Harrowing pictures show people waiting near Kabul Airport’s runway to escape from the country’s capital as the Taliban entered the presidential palace.

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