Chase Your Vision & Dreams, Not Money – AY Makun


Popular comedian and Actor AY Makun has reacted to a trending video of him where he looked lean. The video was tagged “This cannot be AY”

Reacting to the old funny video, AY wrote;

I see a video going round social media with the caption THIS CANNOT BE AY

The answer is Yes! That’s Ayo Makun (AY) in the movie titled ‘Tears In Heaven’ by Zeb Ejiro 16 years ago. At least those who still maintain the opinion of “AY just came from no where to Nollywood…” Should see it too.
Sometimes you need to let the people around know that they are no shortcuts in life. The 2babas and Dangotes that some of you want to be today, did not get to where they are overnight. let’s learn how to chase the vision, ans not the money; the money will end up coming too. The day you start flirting with your hustle, failure will become your ex.

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