Chief Ezenagu Urges Ndigbo To Participate In NUF Forthcoming Election

Acting President General, Ndi-Igbo United Forum, NUF, worldwide, Chief Dr Goddy Ezenagu has called on Ndigbo to come together en mass and participate in Ndi-Igbo United forum (NUF) forthcoming election on Saturday been 7 of march 2020 in States like Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Imo, and Enugu, Delta and Rivers States.
However, NDI IGBO UNITED FORUM is an umbrella that covers all IGBOS’ world wide towards a transparency and open minded methodology to achieve the interest of igbos. NUF is also a platform for open accountability and principles in all ramifications within and outside the forum. Of which our own dear Dr Goddy has done remarkable and outstanding performance while as an acting general president of the forum. “Let us unite, no matter your political affiliation, association or interest let us have one voice, one agreement and accord in other to achieve good results for the betterment and the progress of Ndi Igbo”, He said.

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