Coronavirus: Bucket Of Garri Now N800, ANSG Should Get Ready To Wade In

By Chima Christian

A bucket of garri now goes for N800 at Eke Awka. I’ve been told the price spiked to N1,000 and N1,500 in some parts of Onitsha this evening.

Even as the debate on whether greed or basic law of demand and supply is at play rages on, we continue to call on the government of Anambra State to prepare to reach out to hurting households.

The lockdown has not kicked in, yet people are already feeling the impact.

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It’s disheartening for families that went to the market today with the intent of stocking up for the 14-day lockdown only to come back with near empty bags.

I totally support the lockdown because it is now the only way to avert a major disaster. But it will be unconscionable for the government not to provide buffer.

Anambra State Government may be losing time if it is not already mapping the most the vulnerable section of the public and piecing together a social infrastructure net to reach them.

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Lagos State Government yesterday announced its plan to supply 200,000 households, at an estimate of 6 pesrons per household, with rations of food, water and vitamins that will sustain them for 14 days.

Anambra should study that model closely, especially how they generated the data of the most vulnerable and how they are getting relief items across to them.

May hunger not turn out to be more virulent than Covid-19 in Anambra State.

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