Coronavirus: Nurses In Enugu To Go On Strike Due To Poor Facilities (Video)

Nurses In Enugu

In the video you’re about to watch on YouTube the person recording said. “I’m reporting live from Perklin Enugu, the nurses at G.O.P are protesting that there is no equipment so they wouldn’t work. There is no facial mask and sanitizer and this critical time. They are protesting they wouldn’t work any longer until they are provided with the necessary materials they need.”

She (the person recording) then pleaded with the government to provide all necessary materials the nurse needed so they can carry out their specified duties. Stating this is a critical time and promised to keep us updated. She went further by saying sick patients are everywhere as they are no nurses to attend to them. Please something should be done about this if not for anything at least for the helpless patients that are gathered in this hospital.

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