Could There Be Hope For Nnamdi Kanu As The British Parliament Is Set To Discuss His Arrest

UK parliament and Nnamdi Kanu

Every day we continue to receive different reports about the recent arrest and extradition of the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu. Since Kanu was arrested and extradited to Nigeria from a foreign country about a week ago, many commentators and Activists have lent their voices to the case of the IPOB leader who has been accused of treason, terrorism, illegal possession of firearms, and organization of an outlawed group by the Nigerian government.

It should be recalled that the militia arm Kanu’s IPOB, the Eastern Security Network (ESN), has also been accused of masquerading as unknown gunmen to carry out attacks on government security agencies and other infrastructures in the South-East and parts of the South-South region of Nigeria. Attacks on security agencies by the group has led to the death of several security officers, with police stations razed with fire.

Before the coming of ESN, Nnamdi Kanu was first arrested by the Nigerian government in 2015, and was later granted a bail in 2017 following the deterioration of his health. However, the IPOB leader failed to reappear in Court for the continuation of his trials. It was gathered that Kanu escaped from the country in 2017 after the Nigeria Army invaded his Afaraukwu hometown near Umuahia, the Abia state capital.

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Arguably, Kanu has been a wanted man by the Nigerian government since his escape from the country. However, recent events in the country particularly, his activities in Social Media, and the Eastern Security Network’s alleged involvement in the attacks on security formations in the South-East, and Imo state in particular, could have moved the government into devising a means to extradite him to Nigeria for the continuation of his trials.

It is arguable that since Kanu was arrested and extradited to Nigeria, many have written off the possibility that he could be regaining freedom anytime soon. However, all hope may not be lost for the IPOB leader as the British Parliament is reportedly set to discuss his arrest and extradition to Nigeria from Kenya.

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The UK Parliament, in a parliamentary schedule seen by Peoples Gazette, will set aside a debate on Wednesday, July 7, to discuss the British government’s assessment of Kenya’s role in Mr Kanu’s arrest. According to a report on Peoples Gazette, Lord Alton of Liverpool will be raising the issue at the House of Lords and will query the government on the IPOB leader’s transfer to Nigeria.

As obtained, Lord Alton of Liverpool will ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the alleged role of the Government of Kenya in the detention and alleged mistreatment of Nigerian activist Nnamdi Kanu, the circumstances surrounding the transfer of Mr Kanu to Nigeria against his will, and of any assistance being provided to him by the High Commission in Abuja.

Following this revelation, one may not be wrong to say that all hope may not be lost for the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, due to his status as a British citizen. It should be recalled that Kanu allegedly entered Kenya with his British passport before he was arrested and extradited to Nigeria. It is arguable that Kanu’s status as a British citizen could have prompted his arrest and extradition to be a subject of debate by the British Parliament. However, whether the Britain will be able to assist him at this point is what we may have to wait to find out.

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