COVID-19: Coronavirus has really made Humbled — Immigration Boss

Muhammad Babandede, comptroller-general of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), says being infected with the coronavirus has given him an opportunity to be humble.

Babandede released a video on Wednesday night to share an update of his health status.

“Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I will like to thank all my friends, loved ones, officers and men, Muslims and Christians in Nigeria and abroad for the enormous prayers for my quick recovery,” he said in the videoshared on the NIS Twitter handle.

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“I am very grateful for your prayers. In reality, your prayers are helping me recover very quickly.

“Allah knows better but I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to be sick because it gives me the opportunity to humble myself, to also know that I am loved by such a large number of people.

“Today, the 1st of April, I am sending this short video to you to tell you I’m doing well and recovering gradually.”

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Babandede had disclosed on Sunday, March 29, that he had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Advising Nigerians to take precautions, the quinquagenarian said: “Wash your hands and maintain social distance. This disease is real.

“Continue to pray that Nigeria does not head towards any disaster. The numbers are still small but continue to pray that it does not grow.”

Nigeria recorded 35 new confirmed cases on Wednesday, the highest tally since the first case was recorded.

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