COVID-19: Cyber-attacks Hit Online Businesses 22m Times In 1 Week


Businesses experienced cyber-attacks 22 million times last week as cybercriminals made use of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic lockdown to attack companies’ online assets worldwide.

According to data from Atlas VPN, hackers over 63 per cent of these hacking attempts were malware attacks. Malware is a type of software that tends to either steal your files or encrypt them and render them useless until a password is entered that will decrypt your data.

The hackers are taking bad advantage of the lockdown to pummel millions of people who are staying indoors to avoid the spread of COVID-19. This is not limited to America, Australia, Mexico, Europe and Asia. It is happening in Africa, specifically, Nigeria.

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Hackers demand a ransom in order for you to retrieve the password, hence the commonly used name ransomware. However, the most popular scenarios are phishing and command and control (C&C) attacks.

Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by pretending to be a trusted figure such as a bank, your colleague or even regulatory authority. C&C attempts to take over control of your system and then steal or delete your data.

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This can also be used as a part of a phishing scam or a way to infect the network with malware. Atlas VPN has extracted and organized the data acquired from a cybersecurity giant Akamai, that provides real-time data on cyber-attacks that their corporate customers are under.

The company catches a significant amount of attacks globally since it is one of the largest distributed computing platforms in the world. It serves between 15 per cent-30 per cent of web traffic globally.

On average, there were 3.26 million cyber-attacks daily throughout last week. From the chart, a total of 3.6 million attacks were carried on April 15 and most of these cyber-attacks were malware. This is because malware is usually the easiest way to infiltrate companies’ networks, steal and freeze data and demand a ransom.

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On average, there were 2,070,297 malware attacks per day last week. Malware attacks comprised 63 per cent of the total attacks. The figures keep increasing because of increased internet usage. Besides, more people are working from home due to coronavirus pandemic.

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