Covid-19: Lady Juliet Anaeme To Be Capture Government Soon

A Dedicated, Zealous, Strong, Faithful, Proactive PDP activist, a National Women Mobiliser and National President United For A New Nigeria Initiative in the person of Lady Juliet.C.Anaeme popularly known as ”AdaOzubulu” has done noble by always paying her dues and loyalty to our great party (PDP) of which focalizing and consolidating for the youth and the women are all credits to her efforts in order to foster our party to a greater level and her conscientious activity must be greatly compensated and appreciated.
She will be highly elevated by us and also we should deliver her to the position of South-East PDP Women Zonal Leader at the party’s zonal secretariat in Enugu because she has done great works for the party in general.
Lady Anaeme is the “Ugosimba 1” of Omasi, a title conferred on her in recognition of her charitable and selfless love to humanity and with this kind of people at the forefront of affairs in our party, the party has the full assurance to capture government. Just as she likely say, “The South-East women has capacity and political potential that can be enhanced and deployed to produce more PDP governors, more senators, House of Representatives members, state legislators and even the president of this country come 2023″.
Engr. Nnamdi C. Ibeh MNSE MNIPE urges fellows to continue sensitising door to door outreaches, campaigning, and making an enlightenment to people and delegates in order to deliver Lady Juliet Anaeme as the South-East PDP Women Zonal Leader at the party’s Zonalsecretariat in Enugu. In as much as the world entirely is devoted to eradicate Covid-19 from the surface of the earth,lady Anaeme has also joined the good Nigerian citizens in contributing her own quota towards eradication of Covid -19 in Nigerian.

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