Covid-19 Lockdown: Yvonne Jegede calls out Nigerian Government

Yvonne Jegede

Nigerian actress, film producer, and television personality Yvonne Jegede has called out the Nigerian government to properly dispatch relief materials.

This is due to the robbery attacks on citizens in the state. The mum of one said the lock down is causing hunger and making petty thieves afflict hardship on innocent people.

Read her message…

Are the authorities aware of the robberies happening?
I am certain they are.
Locating citizens to give them cash for the lockdown isn’t going to be that difficult, the same way you people go house to house to disconnect electrical power, you can share the money like that. If this covid19 situation doesn’t change your corrupt mind set then every Nigerian should pack their bags and start heading out to neighboring countries because this country is doomed.
If by now you people cannot to have sympathy and put this greed to the side for once then we have no country and worse of NO FUCKING LEADERS.

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