“Death to Dictator” – Iranians chants against their supreme Leader

Following the Ukrainian Plane crash which Iran admitted they shot down, killing 176 Innocent People, Angry protests against their Leader chants “Death to Dictator”

Recall that 1500 people were killed in November” – students at Iran’s Amirkabir University chant today in reference to those killed by the regime during the recent Iran Protests.

“Death to the dictator” being chanted by students in Iran’s capital today after IRGC admits it was responsible for Ukraine Plane Crash., MEK sources at the scene in Amirkabir Uni say other chants include “We will not praise the murderous [Supreme] Leader”

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“IRGC, shame on you. Let go of our country” – chants at Iran Protests today in Tehran’s Amirkabir University after the Revolutionary Guards admit to shooting down a Ukrainian Plane. Today @Maryam_Rajavi called it a great crime that Iran’s people will neither forgive nor forget.

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