Decision of Chinedum Orji to submit himself to EFCC after his father’s arrest shows he’s law abiding

Chinedum Orji

There are Nigerians who have shown a high level of patriotism and discipline when it comes to investigation.

They simply obey the law and submit themselves to the relevant agencies demanding for an investigation about their businesses or professional careers.

Since the federal government of Nigeria established the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in 2003 during the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo, the commission has recommended tremendous success in tackling corruption and other related matters.

In most cases, individuals who are fingered in one issue or the other always try to evade arrest and refuse to submit themselves to the Commission.

This always makes the work of the Commission tedious as they have to go extra mile to arrest such individuals for them to answer cases leveled against them. 

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Investigation of the EFCC is not rocket science and the Commission always encourages Nigerians to obey the law and submit themselves for investigation wherever the need arises. 

Few Nigerian politicians have demonstrated a high level of discipline and orderliness because they cooperated with the EFCC. 

The action of the Speaker of Abia House of Assembly, Chinedum Orji, has made him one of such Nigerian politicians who respect the law of the land. 

According to a report by Sahara Reporters, Chinedum Orji submitted himself to EFCC on Thursday when he heard his father, Theodore Orji, has been arrested by the Commission. 

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According to the report, EFCC arrested Senator Theodore Orji for an investigation of financial issues during his administration as the Governor of Abia State. His son, Chinedum Orji, who was also invited by the Commission turned up at the Headquarters of the anti-graft agency in Abuja.

This is what is expected of every Nigerian whenever EFCC calls for an investigation. Some individuals in the country always feel scared when EFCC is mentioned thereby refusing to submit themselves for investigation when the need arises. 

EFCC is not after any individual n the country, their job is to investigate any issue under their jurisdiction. Being invited for investigation by the EFCC does not mean you are a criminal, you may either be guilty or innocent after investigation. 

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