Demolition Of Somto Public Toilet Building: Uzodimma Receives Commendation From Owerri Nche Ise People



I am surprised that few remaining supporters of former Governor Rochas Okorocha are raising eyebrow as to the good intention of Governor Uzodimma to demolish that public toilet building they call Somto ‘Hospital’. Iam also astonished at the level these guys have elevated this worthless, valueless and completely irresponsible project that was only put up just to retire N500 million at the twilight of Okorocha’s infamous administration. I do not want to border you into thinking how a whooping sum of N500 million was expended on that worthless block house that ordinarily shouldn’t cost more than N10 million

Otherwise, how could one justify erecting a, I face you kind of building inadvertently designed to serve as a public toilet to all the Traders along the stretch of Douglas road and somebody will shamelessly call it hospital? Why are people so blind to Truth?

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In the first place, that project was wrong from the begining and the naming itself was also provocative. You want to name a hospital after the crumesome murder of a little boy that died as a result of your action? This was a little boy who was murdered in a cold blood and the next thing you did was to name an imaginary hospital after him apoearantly to divert attention from the public without even compensating the poor family? This is not only wicked but clearly depicts heartlessness of the highest order. You don’t do that. It means you simply just wanted to spite the family of Somotochukwu in particular .

Iam convinced that even Okorocha himself knew that the succeeding government would demolish that nonsense crap of a building. No government worth it’s salt could have allowed that bizarre building to stand. He only erected an empty block house without design or Architectural touch and call it hospital. How? I have seen the deceiptive prototype of one fine building which some of Okorocha’s people are posting on Facebook trying in vein to tell unsuspecting public that it was that same building that was demolished. What a stupidity!

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That building was among so many of such worthless buildings that Okorocha hurriedly put up here and there in Owerri including the now comfortable homes of Reptiles and Rodents which he called 27 Hospitals across the 27 LGAs. He did this just to retire billions of naira he did not know what to do with when he was winding up his government. I can tell you in good authority that that building, like few of such was originally not meant to serve any purpose at all.

For clarity sake, the good people of Owerri Nche Ise specifically demanded the demollition of that building immediately Governor Uzodimma came on board and in place, they pleaded with the Governor to build a Ultra modern market there. The Governor only fulfilled their demand or I should I say wish and God’s willing, in the next 18 months or less from now, Imo people will marvel at the solid and beautiful ultra modern market that will be sited at the place. Uzodimma is a man with taste and he has not come to joke at all. He means business.

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So, the noise on social media by remnants of Okorocha supporters are simply tomfoolery and ‘Iberiberism’ Gov Uzodimma has come to right the wrongs and ultimately lift Imo state from the pit of worthless Infrastructures to the rostrum of economically viable, solid, quality and gainful and meaningful Infrastructures.

Don’t forget, we are Evangelists of Truth and it is from that holy Altar of Truth that we are pontificating It is only the same Truth that will continue to set us free.
Truthfully Yours, Nwamkpa Modestus is my name and I approved of this piece.

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