DJ Cuppy Envisions Herself Being Eaten Up By Her Pet Lion When It Grows

DJ Cuppy, who recently acquired a pet Lion, is now skeptical about her decision to acquire a Lion as a pet, as she now fears that she will end up a meal to the Lion when it grows. Many have a reason to believe she’s predicting her future.

DJ Cuppy is not the first Nigerian entertainer to acquire a pet Lion for herself. The self-acclaimed ‘Sound God,’ Runtown acquired a pet Lion sometime last year and his fans urged him to do away with the wild animal before it preyed on him. Runtown didn’t heed the words of his fans back then. But then, he’s not showed off the Lion since then.

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It is believed that the singer silently heeded his fans’ words by getting rid of the Lion. The case has not been different with the female DJ, as her fans do not think the idea of taking a Lion as a pet is a sane thing to do. Thankfully, it didn’t take much to convince DJ Cuppy that a pet Lion isn’t a good idea, as she came to that realization on her own.

The rich daughter of a Nigerian billionaire took to her IG page to express her fears. Sharing a story of a Lion eating its owner, she wrote; “Why do I feel like this is the story of me and baby Lion?” Could this really become her story

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