Dr Godwin Maduka: Results Driven

Dr Godwin Maduka: Results Driven

By Buchi Okafor

Dr. Godwin Maduka’s decision to vie for the position of Governor of Anambra State is a great step in the right direction.

Over the years, our political structure has revolved around political elites who have created little or no impact in the society. They rarely contribute to the betterment of the people and have continually solicited our votes each time election comes. This is a tradition that has been a clog in the wheel of progress, therefore leaving our dear State Anambra in a deplorable condition.

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One of the essence of politics, is to drive home positive result, results that are people oriented. Results in this instance means; adequate security, functional health care system, social and infrastructural development etc.

Dear delegates, this is an opportunity to bring our illustrious son,Dr.Godwin Maduka to the helm of affairs of our State. He has proved himself beyond reasonable doubt and will deliver the #RightChoice #RightTime mantra. His view of politics is service delivery and he will exude competence, trust and selflessness in discharging his duties if elected.

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Democracy is people oriented and requires idea moulders, pathfinders and strategic developers with high intellectual capacity. Arguably, Dr Godwin Maduka is an embodiment of such. So to say his antecedents are obvious testimonials.

Ndi Anambra we can’t afford to miss this golden opportunity of having such a refined gentleman with rare all round capacity. Let’s unanimously support Dr. Godwin Maduka for positive transformation and sustainable development.

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