Drama As Man Exchange Blows With Police Officer After Being Sentenced To Life In Prison

There was a dramatic scene at the court after a man who was sentenced to life imprisonment became wild and began fighting a police officer.

According to the source, the incidence occurred at Kibra law court after a notorious man who had offences of series crimes and murder cases was sentenced to life in prison.

The judge made his ruling after the defendant failed to defend himself, the ruling was laid out and the man began insulting the judge and other people who were around. He also complained claiming that the ruling was unfair.

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The police officer who was Manning him tried to chain him with handcuffs but the man became rude and arrogant before beating the officer. He was latter chained by several police officers who came in rescue of their Colleague.

Reports indicated that the prisoner was later escorted under a high security to Kamiti maximum prison and he jailed among the most dangerous criminals.

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