DRUNKARD OUTBURSTS: Senator Smart Adeyemi lacks Empathy For The North, Attack On Gov Ikpeazu, An Attack On One Of Us – AREWA YOUTH

We would like to register our displeasure over the unfortunate abuse of Senate and insensitive disposition of Senator Smart Adeyemi, representing Kogi West who veered off his contribution to a motion on urgent need to restore and revalidate the Safe School Initiative, to wantonly describe a Southern Nigeria as a drunkard, hauling unprintable insults on a Governor and a people whose schools in their jurisdiction are safer.

It is to our greatest dismay that there still exist a Senator or any leader for that matter in Northern Nigeria today who lacks empathy for the plight of the North at this dark time in our history to afford to infuse absolutely irresponsible and insensitive comment when such an emergency matter is being discussed in the revered Chamber of the Senate of the Federal Republic.

Maybe Senator Smart Adeyemi and his co-travellers will be happier that barely 24hours after they deliberately distracted the Senate and entire nation with the jamboree of casting aspersions, another set of 300 Girls have been abducted from their boarding school in Jangebe, Zamfara state.

The Safe Schools Initiative – an initiative to help protect hundreds of schools in predominantly Northern Nigeria launched in response to the growing number of attacks on the right to education in the country, especially citing instances ranging from Chibok School Girls’ Abduction in April 2014.

That was coming after at least 42 people, including 27 students, who were kidnapped last week in Kagara, in Kogi’s neighboring Niger state in the same North central. The absolute lack of empathy for the insecurity quagmire is legendary and I hope posterity does not forget.

While we leave the good people of Abia State and indeed, South eastern Nigeria to respond to your other allegations against a decent man and an erudite academic, who has at least secured his own state, we also want to note that unlike Senator Smart Adeyemi who has never visited any IDP Camp in Nigeria let alone make any contribution towards ameliorating the sufferings in the North, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has consistently shown empathy and support to the North by personally visiting IDP Camps and occasionally reaching out to empathize with our plight. As sound product of the prestigious University of Maiduguri, he has continued to act as one of us and even as an Ambassador of the legendary Sardauna of Sokoto – Sir Ahmadu Bello, whose investments in education in the North you managed to extol.

We would like to align with the ultimatum given to senator Smart Adeyeni by the Abia State Students community through the special Assistant to the Governor on Students affairs and demand him to apologise immediately and concentrate on joining hands in solving the Insecurity crisis ravaging the North, and bringing disrepute to the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling All Progressive’s Congress APC.

We also call on President of the Senate to reappraise the ethics and conduct of the 9th Senate under his sterling leadership to ensure that the Senate continues to play its constitutional roles and forestall further use of the Senate floor for locker-room talk. Any Senator that seeks to address personal political issues may convene a Press Conference for such reasons and desist from undermining the sanctity of the hallowed Chamber like Senator Smart Adeyemi did on Wednesday.

Mohammed Danlami Salihu
Speaker, Arewa Youth Assembly

Hon. Desmond Minakaro

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