Ebonyians Doubt COVID-19 Existence

Ebonyians doubt COVID-19 existence

By Nnaji Emmanuel

Some Residents of Abakaliki, the Ebonyi state capital have registered their doubt towards the existence of COVID-19, the pandemic ravaging the whole universe.

Akalicious News gathered that a lot of activities have been put to a halt as a result of melted economy.

Speaking on the non-reality of the virus and the effects of the virus, the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Sunnypat Glead Ventures, Hon. Sunday Egwu, said the lockdown has done more harm than good to his business and other routine activities, saying that only God can save the situation.

According to him:
“It’s real but not actually in Africa. COVID-19 in Africa is a different business altogether, I feel that we are politicking and that’s the worse range.

“Activities in my life have been very slow because of this pandemic. It has melted our economy and with melted economy, people can no longer go about their businesses.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness and that is what the pandemics has taught us, to maintain clean environments.
We will continue with the hygiene but not with facemasks.
Again, if God does not watch over the city, in vain the watchman does. So we are in the hands of God.

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” I thank the Federal and as well the state government but you can not tell people to stay at home empty-handed.
They have rubbished this economy and they could not make effort for people to recover from it.
Even the way some states are increasing the number makes it seem as if they are competing.”

A staff of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo (AE-FUNAI), Oñeleogah Akudo Agatha, said the situation is an eye-opener which drew her attention to some to things, reiterating the supreme nature of God in all things, speaking thus:

“I have learnt a lot from this situation of COVID-19.
In the spiritual aspect, it is only God that has total control of the universe whereby only what he allows comes to be. In fact, this situation has thought me that all power belongs to God.
In the social aspect, I observed that people who can’t afford to stay indoors without stepping out were able to adapt to the lockdown brought about by this pandemic and they are really bobbling fine.

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“The lockdown taught some parents in their families that there is no life elsewhere except coming together, whereby some men have come to understand the problems of their wives and no longer quarrel or beat them but live happily with love.”

In his opinion, a student of law, prince Daniel Ajah, concluded that the  pandemic is being politicized, whereby the health of individuals are being camouflaged.

“We are playing politics because I couldn’t imagine where the number has risen up to 500 where some other states like Kogi, Cross-River has no record.
There is lockdown everywhere and we are told to be staying indoors in Ebonyi state, I don’t think there is anything like that.

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“In terms of health now, if you have malaria and go to hospital they will look into your eye with one equipment that might not be working well and say it’s Corona.”
Ajah said.

However, another Resident, Mrs. Ucha Precious, noted that her children have become too nervous of the fact they are of school as she blamed government’s action towards the pandemic as she said:

“It has not been easy, the children have been itching to go back to school and so it has affected us in the educational sector.

“Government are not trying, they keep telling us that they are fighting against COVID-19 but I don’t think they are doing that.
People believe that they don’t fight but rather collect the money and eat, though we’ve not seen with our eyes but that’s what we believe.”

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