Edo 2020: Obaseki vs Oshiomole

Edo 2020: Obaseki vs Oshiomole

It really was not about Obaseki and Oshiomole: The Real ‘coco’ of the matter was the anger of the PARTY BASE in Edo State, and NOW, the PARTY BASE has spoken.

The truth is that it was never a fight between Obaseki and Oshiomole. It was and still about the supremacy of the APC party base Edo State.

That is why I will disagreed with anyone who still believe that the disqualification of Gov. Obaseki would adversely affect the chances of the APC in the gubernatorial election in Edo State.

The main opposition party in Edo State does not, and will not create a space for Obaseki and his baggages.

The disqualification of Obaseki is a victory for the APC base in Edo State.

Does the circumstances of Obaseki not confirm to you that he is a loner in this self-inflicted humiliation? He challenged the party base to a wrestling contest, and he has just found out that the party base is bigger than him.

Please do not shed tears for Obaseki. He was a dog that was destined to be lost, and so refused to listen to the owners whistle.

Obaseki was power drunk, and refused to listen to the many good counsel he was freely offered. How people advice that, “you do not try the efficacy of a cutlass charm by trying the cutlass on the scrotum”. Obaseki just did.

If I may ask at this point, did Oshiomole commit any personal sin against Obaseki, to warrant this roforofo fight?

Oshiomole became Governor, and was able to win his re-election as a result of the massive support he got from the party base. He was able to demystify the feared power-lords in Edo State, because he stuck with the party base.

The only thing Oshiomole wanted Obaseki to do, which he politely asked of him, was for Obaseki not to neglete the party base. He advices him that the party base is the soul of the party, and any attempt to kill it will make APC loss Edo State.

He refused to heed Oshiomole’s warning, and boasted that he and his Deputy were in charge of affairs.

He side-tracked all party men and women and resorted to doing things in a new way – (his own way), that was alien to the political abradacabra that brought him to power. He resorted to calling the same men and women (whom Oshiomole used in enthroning him) as goats who wants to eat the yam (you know what that means). He boasted that Edo State is not Lagos. He forgot to learn that, no matter how good a man performs as a Governor, once he abandons his political base (just as Ambode did in Lagos, and Obaseki also just did in Edo), he easily will be blown out of power.

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Then Gov. Fashola strategically carried the Lagos State APC political base along, hence the political base stood with and by him when Tinubu tried stopping his second term.

Obaseki really underestimated the power of a political base. And when Oshiomole tried to advice him, you turned against him, and started a fight you knew you would never win. You began to cook up lies that Oshiomole was asking you to give him money. Of course he never did. He just asked Obaseki to take care of the interest of the party base (political patronages).

If not for the party base, how was Oshiomole able to install the very unpopular Obaseki as Governor? Was it not because Oshiomole was able to secure the support of the party base?

Remember that Oshiomole supported Obaseki against his Deputy – (Dr. Pius Odubu), and the other very many qualified Commissioners who wanted to succeed Oshiomole.

There is always a point of no return in politics. Obaseki took the fight too far.

Wise politicians NEVER allow themselves to get to that point, and never would allow themselves pass it. But Obaseki did, showing that he is a neophyte politician. Of course he is, because he allowed himself to be led by the suicidal-political-ambition of his Deputy and other self-centered politicians (most of whom see Oshiomole (Obaseki’s benefactor) as an enemy).

Banking on the assurances of neophyte politicians like himself who could not deliver their Unit, Ward, LGA in the last General Election, he embarked on what our people would describe as “climbing a tree beyond the leaves”. And so he led himself past the point of no return in his fight against his political benefactor – (Oshiomole).

Oshiomole had to appeal to Obaseki to urgently attend to the party base after the men and women at the grassroot complained to Oshiomole that Obaseki was not taking care of their interest.

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All entreaties by Oshiomole to Obaseki fell on deaf ears. Oshiomole decided to allow Obaseki handle the matter as he wished, but then, the party base in the National Chairman’s own State was threatening to teach Obaseki a very bad political lesson if he doesn’t change.

True to the threat by the men and women of the party base, the APC under the new ideologies of Godwin Obaseki and Phillip Shuibu lost two Senatorial seats and many House of Representative seats during the last Presidential and National Assembly Election in Edo State – (remember too that the APC and PMB lost in the Units and LGAs of both Obaseki and his Deputy – Phillip Shuibu). Yet they claim that they both were in charge.

It was to take the prompt intervention, and deft moves by Oshiomole – (after the debacle of the Presidential and National Assembly Election), to go down on his knees to beg and appease the APC base in Edo State (with plenty promised), before Oshiomole could succeed in delivering 24 / 24 in the House of Assembly Election.

Was it not immediately after that election, and with a promise to the party base by Oshiomole, for an appeal to support the Government of Obaseki, that the issue of the ‘mid-night proclamation of the State House of Assembly, and the refusal to inaugurate 14 duly elected members of the house happened? Did Obaseki agree to allow these duly elected representatives of their people and party assume their positions till date? Yet you dare weep for this egoistic and self-centered fellow?

So, you expected Oshiomole, after his election struggles and efforts to re-invigorate the party base, to just sit and allow an inept Obaseki’s, and his brainless political advisers, to kill APC in Edo State? Was Oshiomole stay back and watch as the PDP strategists – (many of whom were clandestinely urging Obaseki on), quietly climb back to power on the back of the many poor decisions of Obaseki?

A good politician (at the level of a State Governor) must be wise, and must be strategic. He must be wise to be able to chose his fights (battles) – at least not against the party base, and also not against someone in the mold and capacity of someone like Oshiomole, his acclaimed predecessor and benefactor – ( a very popular man amongst the party base). He equally must be strategic enough to know when and how to enter into such fights (battles) – At least not during his first term. No wonder he unsuccessfully fought to unseat Oshiomole as National Chairman of APC – (at which stage, you can rightly conclude that Obaseki has climbed the tree beyond the leaves).

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In the first place he was hugely mistaken that it was Oshiomole he was fighting. His real opponent was the party base. How can he be so wrong to think it was Oshiomole that was the opponent? Perhaps, he underestimate the power of the party base.

As a first term Governor who wanted to show to Oshiomole that he is the real and only lion roaring
in the jungle called Edo State, he should have played the strategized well, and would have calculated very well on when and how to light the gun-powder. The simple thing to do was to have won over the party base, and carried them along, just like the former Gov. Fashola of Lagos State did, to stop the fangs of Tinubu.

For his lack of political dexterity, Obaseki allowed himself to take the fight past the point of no return, by fighting the party base.

His self and poorly-l supervised fight against Oshiomole was a very big distraction to governance in Edo State. Not many people in Edo State will speak up for Obaseki, and vouch for him that he led well in these past years. Even if he ended up getting the be APC ticket, who are those to campaign and dance for him the way Oshiomole and the men and women of the party (as the base) did the last time.

Beyond the daily spectacles of insults and roforofo fight with Oshiomole, not many will be able to point to one major achievements of his rule. The self-distraction was just too much. Every one became an enemy over night.

Obaseki’s case was that of ‘mutually assured political self-destruction’. And let it be a lesson to our politicians that, you do not abandon the same party base with which climbed into office.

I am Okakuro (Dr.) Tedwins, and these are just my humble thoughts.

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