Enugu State Alleged Zoning System: Aiding Peace, Abetting Incompetence

Enugu State

By: Chizoba Okeke

Having seen the transition of governorship power in Enugu since 1999, one may have cause to believe that there is a working zoning system in the state. Starting from Gov. Chimaroke Nnamani (Enugu East Senatorial Zone) to Gov. Sullivan Chime (Enugu West Senatorial Zone) and from Gov. Sullivan Chime to Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Enugu North Senatorial Zone). In this circle order, it will be convincing to anyone that the state is making use of zoning system.

But without mixing words, it had been observed that people from other zones have been contesting for governorship position at each general election thereby not allowing a particular zone to file candidates for all the political parties in the state. This has also called for further investigation over the alleged zoning system.

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In our various interviews with some of the citizens of the state, a lot of them agreed that there is no documented zoning system in State. This was contrary to some views that had already believed that there is a zoning system in the state whether documented or not citing the power transmission from Gov. Chimaroke Nnamani to Gov. Sullivan Chime and to Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

Another group though, believed that there is no agreed or documented zoning system anywhere in the state unless it is a particular party arrangement which most of them are yet to see a signed document to that effect. But this group was of the opinion that even though the arrangement may not be documented but it has helped in maintaining political peace in the state.

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The last group which believed that the alleged zoning system brought about a little peace within some political parties but this group also alleged that the perceived zoning system contributes in encouraging selection of incompetent leaders and its associated underperformance. This group went further to express that the state should be allowed to select a competent leader at all level in 2023 general election rather than chanting zoning system which they believed it is not in the interest of the masses.

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The question to our Enugu people now is should Enugu state be allowed to keep to zoning system if it is already in existence or introduce a zoning system if it is not already in place? Or should Enugu people be allowed to choose their leaders irrespective of political affiliation without incumbent interference?

If a zoning system is helping the state to maintain peace but encourages incompetent, should the state continue with the arrangement? This is a question from many quarters.

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