Enugu State CSDA on brink of collapse


Baring any last minute intervention, the Enugu State Community and Social Development Agency, CSDA, is on the brink of collapse as a result of the crass incompetence of their New General Manager, Mr. ThankGod Onoja. 

Our correspondent who has been trailing the development in the Agency following its enormous achievements during the implementation of the Community and Social Development Project, CSDP which just ended. 

The new GM who resumed duty on February 2021 has been nothing but embarrassing following our discoveries. From his interpersonal relationship with the staff to his incompetency in managing the Agency which is obviously beyond his capacity and his gross abuse of the laws establishing the Agency as passed by even the House of Assembly. 

A top member of the management staff who spoke to our correspondent said the GM is notorious for disregard of laws.

“The GM approves funds over one million naira (N1,000,000.00) which is contrary to CSDP PIM appendix 8 sections 2.12.2, ii.

“He drives himself, parks the official vehicle in his compound and uses same for personal use outside the official functions- (CSDA Revised Staff Regulations and Conditions of Service, Sections 4.15 page 23). 

“The General Manager unilaterally removed the Secretary of the Project Management Committee even after the intervention of the Board to prevent the Project Management Committee from sitting (CSDA PIM Section 4.3.3 and appendix 8 section 2.12.1)

The General Manager unilaterally removed the Secretary of the Project Management Committee even after the intervention of the Board to prevent the Project Management Committee from sitting (CSDA PIM Section 4.3.3 and appendix 8 section 2.12.1)

“The General Manager seized the official database of the State Agency and this negates the CSDA PIM appendix 2, F, despite the intervention of the Board in the matter,” the source who spoke to our correspondent on the condition of anonymity said. 

The story isn’t different when we spoke to another member of staff who said his nepotism is legendary and they are shocked that the Board which has the power to recruit and fire hasn’t shown Mr. Onoja the way out.

“The General Manager misapplied authority by allowing her in-law, Project Officer, Gender to conduct maintenance in the office and unilaterally hand picking the project officer, procurement to the closing ceremony after the slots given to the State Agency has been exhausted. This amounts to nepotism (CSDA Revised Staff Regulations and Conditions of Service, section 7.1)

The staff went further to allege that the GM has acts like a lout and his conduct doesn’t befit the office he occupies. 

“The General Manager engages in inappropriate official conduct such as corporate hooliganism, and smoking of Indian hemp in his office and vehicle which has been observed by some staff of the agency and this contradicts section, f of the Revised Staff Regulations and Conditions of Service known as abuse of office and of the Revised Staff Regulations and Conditions of Service which prohibits consumption of intoxicating liquor and dangerous drugs,” the source said. 

Our correspondent reached out to a member of the Board of the Agency who said they will sack the GM and there are more than enough grounds to do this. 

The Member who insisted his name shouldn’t be in print as he’s not the Chairman said the infraction of the General manager whom he addresses as Ag. GM is abysmal and there’s nothing stopping that as the man has committed a lot of infractions for which he must go.

“The GM has insulted this Board beyond measure and has even undermined our office. We have issued him series of queries in line with due process because we believe in due process as activists. 

“He’s incompetent and it can’t be excused if we must make headway in the new project: NG-CARES. He was brought in to birth commencement of the project but he has failed woefully, the source said. 

Talking about his gross incompetence, the source said:” The General Manager has never submitted quarterly progress report approved by the Project Management Committee to the Board of Directors for rectification and transmission to the Executive Governor (CSDA PIM section, iv.

“He has never produced any minutes of the Board sittings where he’s a secretary from the day he resumed to date. This act amounts to inefficiency as stated in CSDA Revised Staff Regulations and Conditions of Service section 3.1.1.

“The General Manager unilaterally returned funds to the World Bank without recourse to the Board of Director who is the regulating body for the CSDA (CSDA PIM section 4.3.1). 

“During one of the meetings of the Board,  he went as far as threatening violence on one of the Board Members. We have also heard he does same to his staff, who will work with such character?” he asked. 

The complaints from members of staff of the agency is endless as another person accused the “General Manager of procuring office MIS hardware and software without the Project Officer MIS technical specification, and this contradicts the CSDP PIM appendix 2, section F, bullet 4 with which he was recruited. 

“The General Manager has taken over the direct supervision of clerical officers e.g. drivers and security men as they now take directive from the GM (CSDP PIM appendix 2 section I bullet no 2).”

All efforts to reach GM to respond to these allegations failed as he couldn’t be reached on his known mobile line. 

Enugu State is expected to participate in the NG-CARES project and CSDA is one of the delivery platforms and there’s absolute disconnect in the Agency which will affect the new project.

Asked of it’s the Governor that should sack the GM, the Board Member said its within the purview of the Board and they’re ready to carry out this duty in the interest of the state.

“In CSDP  we were able to deliver over 400 projects in the rural communities and we will be doomed if this character whom I can best describe as a charlatan and a misfit is allowed to continue.”

“We are sure His Excellency will be happy with us because we are doing this in the interest of the state and he sent us here to produce results and not excuses,” he concluded when asked about the role of the state government. 

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