Enugu Student Wins INCEED and SPACE Global Award 2020

Chineke Cajethan Goodluck, a student of Peaceland University of Education Enugu in Enugu state has been declared the overall winner of the prestigious 2020 International Education Summit Awards which received entries from students and young professionals around the globe.

Cajethan hails from Agbariji lnyi in Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu state Nigeria. According to the awardee, he said that he entered for the competition based on the passion he has for writing and innovations, he added that Competition is what makes a man to succeed in life, and will keep on representing Enugu state, Nigeria and Africa in a global academic competitions.

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The International Education Summit and Awards 2020 is popularly known as Bangkok Global Award, which recognizes outstanding Students, Schools and institutions who performed well in the competition. The competition is championed by the International Centre for Excellence in Education- INCEED, and Society for Perpetuation of Arts, Culture the Education. The competition in the past years has featured diversities of entries from all the countries of the world.

Following the judges comments while announcing the 2020 results. It was disclosed to the general public that the competition kicked off last year December and received over five million applications from around the world. It was reviewed that this year topic focuses on the Plans and goals of achieving the SDGs Agenda of goal four which is Quality Education.

Applicants from Tetiary Institutions, Individuals and Young Professionals in the globe were given the opportunity to share their SDGs stories and how they can make it effective to address the challenges of Education of the 21st century.

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According to the senior judging panel, he said that the wider applications took a lot of rigorous screening process in order to determine the right winners. “From the results so far, we judged all the countries,

selected one best from each country, submitted to the continental level where the juries selected three best from each continent and these regional finals moved to the global level where Cajethan ‘s application was selected as the best among all”.

Stating further, Cajethan’s essay was totally impactful, promising and indomitable to save million school children.

In recognition of the efforts of these young Leaders, they have been invited for a special awards ceremony to be held in the city of Bangkok Thailand on the 22nd of February, 2020. These
These 10 countries have been named winners of this year’s competition.

Nigeria- 1st position
Philippines- 2nd position
Oman- 3rd position
Mauritius- 4th position
India- 5th position
U.S.A- 6th position
Indonesia- 7th position
Bangkok- 8th position
Bangladesh- 9th position
Japan- 10th position

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