Exposed!! How Chris Okewulonu Grow From Chief Of Thief’s To Chief Of Staff In Imo State

Is Chris Okewulonu the Chief of Staff or Thief of Staff? Charity they say begins at home. The true Chief of Staff, Imo State is Chief Barr. Chris Okewulonu, from Obowo, who has been in government since 1993 till date.

From member, Imo State House of Assembly (1990-1993); Executive Assistant to the Governor of Imo State (1999-2001); Hon. Commissioner for Works, Housing and Transport, Imo State (2001-2003); Hon. Commissioner for Information & Culture (2003-2006); Coordinator/Government representative, Heartland Football Club (2006-2007); Secretary to the Government of Imo State (June 2006-May 2007); Federal Commissioner, Fiscal Responsibility Commission (2008-2013); to Member, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) (2013-2015).

He was State Coordinator Goodluck/Sambo Campaign 2011; Deputy Director General, Ohakim Governorship Campaign Organisation (2011); and Director General, Emeka Ihedioha’s Governorship Campaign Organisation (2015).

With all these intimidating profile as Onye Obowo, where does it reflect in infrastructural and human development in Obowo. Take a look at his present stooge, Jasper Chukwuemeka, TC Chairman, Obowo Local Government Area. My people, ihe ana akpu n’onu wu ire and the voice of the people is the voice of God.

Recently N50.000,000 (Fifty Million Naira) was given to abracadabra Obowians in the name of cleaning/starting Ndundu, both Chief Chris and his stooge, Jasper spent only N5.000,000 (Five Million Naira) and pocketed the rest in the name of “na we get government.” Who go talk?

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Ndundu is one investment Dee Sam Mbakwe of blessed memory used to take Obowo to the limelight. Chief Chris Okewulonu was one of late Dee Sam Mbakwe’s boys in those days. What has he done to prove to his mentor, even in his grave, that his legacies and dreams to make Obowo a better place are sustained?

You want to tell me that the Chief of Staff to Imo State Governor, a respected Obowian, is not aware of the mismanagement and leadership flaws of Jasper Chukwuemeka if he isn’t benefiting from the stooge he foisted on Obowo people?

Obowo has been receiving nothing less than N170m every month for more than 5months now with no single project. What we hear is the disgusting and shameful fights among his cronies in Obowo, while sharing their N10m. I am not surprised because the same leadership structure in one hour collected N10m from me knowing that they will not vote me as a result of order from above (Chris). They want me to call that one political experience. I am very sorry for the future of the young people milling around them, claiming freedom writers. Ndonu!

Look at Hon. Ngobiwu, a great son of Ikenanzizi, doing marvelously well here at Umuahia. He was in the House for 8 years representing Obowo with no developmental mark on wall because rumours have it that he was in Idu isi thing with Chris Okewulonu. Why must Obowo go through spiritual cleansing from Chris Okewulonu before any representation?

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Vigo Onwunali has just been removed from State House Owerri, onye Obowo. This is a place he has been for more than 15 years now. He has now been removed because Chris Okewulonu said so. The refusal of our humble Umuoke brothers in government to tangle with him has resulted to the positive success we are seeing today. Chief Chris Okewulonu was positively baptised by Late Dee Sam Mbakwe PhD. At the age of 27yrs old then a vibrant youth but in reciprocation nobody less than 40yrs has enjoyed Chris political tutelage. Men above 70yrs like Engr. Goddy Chukwu (Okwuohia) . Nat Mbanu ( Avutu ). Chief Anyadike (Ehume). Ihechere (Umungwa). Leo Onwunali (Amuzi). Isaac Alozie ( Avutu). Oluimo (Umuariam).all above 70yrs why?.Ndi Obowu knows what killed I.k Ibe aspirations as a governor under Udenwa. At what point did Chris address Sen. Nwagwu as a Senator?. We know why Anosike didn’t succeed as a commissioner under Udenwa.
If not vibrant , sagacious and experience of Ebube Dike Obowu Chief longiers Anyanwu he won’t have made it 4yrs as a commissioner. Ndi Obowu find out the ugly encounter by Dr. Emerenini and Chief Okewulonu.
Where is the world Biss, Chief Abraham Elesi (Avutu youth), Nat Mbanu?.
Chris as a visionary leader why the choice of Ngobiwu as against Ifeanyi onwuehiagba, and a vibrant kekeocha in Obowo. Ikeoha Obowu Emma Okewulonu contested for house of rep. 3 times and failed but his brother Chris with all his marvellous profile gossip says he worked against his own blood brother. Let me tell ndi Obowu, nke nke enhi wouldn’t have been honourable member if he is under the tutelage of Chris ?. Chief Chris Okewulonu should allow Obowians to bring out their best in leadership. Who could have served Chris better than Nzenwa Nwosu. Presently he has drown sword against Ikenanzizi born vibrant philanthropist , who was officially the game changer that made PDP win in Obowo.

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I want to tell Ndi Obowo that we lost the Speakership because Chris is involved. Chai! Ndi Obowo, bilienu n’ura . When I say the truth, they send DSS/Police after me; same police that killed nwa Obowo. Up till this moment that I speak to you, no story about the police officer has been heard.

Opara Pepe is now ready, waiting for his spiritually baptised boys’ reactions while the Part 2 revelation is uploading.
Hon. Finian Chuks

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