Exposing The Secret Intention Of Onwuemeodo, Okorocha’s Media Aide About The Alleged Relocation Order Of Imo Prison ‘Correctional’ Headquarters By Gov. Uzodimma

By Nwamkpa Modestus (KSM)



As usual, i read on social media today a piece authored by Mr Sam Onwuemeodo, the SA media to Senator Okorocha. This is in continuation of their frantic but futile effort at diverting attention of Imo people in particular and Nigerians in general.over the unconscionable scramble and partitioning of Imo lands particularly the sharing of the proposed new government House at new Owerri during their lootocratic regime.

Initially, I did not want to join issues with that poorly scripted release. actually felt that their black market falsehood was so glaring to the public that my response was not needed at all. However, on a second thought, I decided to dissect and expose their intention just for the records..

In that outing, they alleged that Governor Uzodimma has ordered the relocation of Imo Correctional headquarters to the one poorly built by Okorocha along Portharcout road apparently trying to make it look like the project is of standard as against the general knowledge that, characteristics of that regime, the building just like the Flyover at Orji and Akwakuma is of low standard and even failed integrity test of COREN.

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It will be recalled that even the Officers of the Prison were reported to have refused to move into the building not because they did not need a good place but because the project was poorly constructed and poses threat to human existence unless serious structural amendment is done on it to suit human habitation .

The Governor only ordered that the building should be examined properly to ascertain what could be done structurally to make the structurally deficient building strong. What you see in those Police and Prison buildings is just the Carcass. From the roofing to the interior and also to the materials used in the build are all of low standard. Ofcourse, this is not surprising to anybody.

Unfortunately, their only understanding of a hospital, Police or prison facility is just a mere building which usually is of low standard. For instance, the so called 27 ‘Hospitals’ which is today an eyesore across the state are being habited by Snakes and other Rodents. Yet, shameless, they mentioned the 27 buildings which they call hospitals in their release. They keep mentioning theses worthless 27 buildings projects because their conscience is not at rest over that obvious waste of billions of Imo money.

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Let me quickly say that the main intention of that release was to divert the attention of the public from their continous demand that the government lands which were parcelated and shared by ex Governor Rochas Okorocha to family members and cronies for which the White Paper identified and recommended for their revocation. But this is just a very cheap gimmick that can never fly.

Let me again tell Imo people that what the ex Governor was doing during his time was that he would erect a building in a government land for one public agency and he would at the same time take all the adjoining government lands around the area and share them to family members, inlaws and cronies so that when they public demand for the revocation of the public lands and properties in their hands as they are doing now, he would use the public buildings as a shield or to divert attention. He will start arguing that the public building was constructed by him thereby leaving the main issue concerning the public lands and Properties converted to self and family. They just use this gimmick to whip up public sentiment. That is exactly what they are doing currently.

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In any case, even if there is any need to relocate the Prison headquarters, one thing is sure, the agency will not move into those substandard buildings without a thorough job being done on them. Governor Uzodimma is a man who believes in quality and he will not allow the Prison officers and inmates or any government agency for that matter to move into any of the life threatening buildings. No blackmail from Okorocha will make that happen either.

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