Father Mbaka Returns After COVID-19 Break, Warns Attackers

Father Mbaka Returns After COVID-19 Break, Warns Attackers

By: Chuks Eze, Enugu

…As woman’s wired baby delivery thrill worshippers

It was a case of spiritual jamboree at the Adoration Ministries, Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), as a mammoth crowd of faithful re-united at the weekly Sunday ministrations, almost five months after the ministry was shut in compliance with official COVID- 19 safety protocols.

The ministry suspended all programmes in March, 2020, even ahead of government and ecclesiastical restriction orders, directing worshipers to stay off the AMEN ground “till further notice”.

But to the delight of many, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director and founder of the ministry, is back. His weekly Sunday Holy Mass and ministrations at the adoration arena has resumed after the official lifting of ban on public church programmes.

At the August 9, 2020 service, Mbaka gifted the worshippers with the news of a member’s miraculous staggered delivery of twin baby boys, during the COVID- 19 break, a development which is known in medical parlance as delayed interval delivery.

According to the vocal priest, the couple had tried everything while seeking for a baby boy, including travelling abroad, but without success.

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Raising one of the babies, while standing in front of the altar, for the faithful to view, he said:

“This is one of the twins; they will bring them for baptism later.

“The couple had yearned for a baby boy for long, the issue almost tore the family apart to the extent that they even travelled to France and other countries for IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), but they returned without result; God is wonderful.

“They came back devastated; the husband told me that he was tired, but I answered him that God was not tired.

“I took them to the temple and after basking them before Jesus in the tabernacle, Jesus in The Blessed Sacrament saw them and showed them mercy, as an instrument of testimony.

“Months later, they called to inform me that the woman had conceived”.

Narrating the bizarre part of the story, Mbaka elucidated how the babies were delivered weeks apart, adding: “The couple had wished for twin baby boys, in order to cover for the masculine gap that was created by their all-female children, as it seems like a crime in Igbo land for a family to be without a male child.

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“But on the day of delivery, a male child came out and their joy knew no bound.

“However, after a certain outsider heard about the news, the person immediately texted me querying why the woman had failed to deliver twin-baby boys as I had declared while blessing the couple. She noted that she had overheard me make such declaration while praying upon the couple. I ignored the text.

“But after the woman was discharged from the hospital, she continued having abdominal pains and discomfort; and when they returned to the hospital, a scan revealed that there was another baby in her womb”, the priest added, thereby driving the already excited worshippers into more blissful rave, with everyone jumping and dancing within their restricted seating positions designed to enhance social distancing.

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Earlier in a homily themed, “Save Me Lord,” Mbaka had again warned detractors to desist from planning evil against him and his ministry to avoid incurring divine wrath, stressing that those who had towed such path in the past did not live to tell their story.

“Like you know, whenever we declare prophecy here, the whole country goes gaga and they begin to plan evil. But woe betide whoever that should allow himself to be used to try any attack on me or this ministry.

“You may not like me; I may not be among those you consider as good people, but I know that God is using me to save people and minister succour to mankind,” he said.

Going down memory lane, the multi-gifted priest recounted how a certain diabolic kinsman had sworn that he would not live to mark his silver jubilee priestly anniversary, but even so, Mbaka thanked God for again, shaming the devil by keepi

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