Federal Lawmaker, Others Fingered Among Those Causing Violence In Igboeze South – Reports

Dr. Pat. O. Asadu

A federal lawmaker, Dr. Pat. O. Asadu, representing Igbo-Eze South/Nsukka federal constituency, has been named as the unseen hand behind the recent gale of violence in Igboeze South local government area of Enugu state.

This is according to reports published by one Steve Ezema, currently trending on both WhatsApp platforms and Facebook.

Taking to social media, in a now viral post, Ezema named one ‘notorious’ young man, popularly known as APPEAR as the field marshal, executing the neferous activities of the federal lawmaker in the area.

The now viral post which was titled “Ongoing wicked and fraudulent concoction against Hon. Peter Andy, the Executive Chairman of Igbo-Eze South” however, taunted the federal lawmaker, while telling him that, “the harder they come, the harder they shall fail.”

His publication on Facebook republished below: “A known notorious criminal by name Ambrose Ugwuoke (aka APPEAR) has been using his gangs to intimidate and terrorize one community called EBURUMMIRI for sometime now. And the community had lodged complaints to both the police and Igbo-Eze South council and every effort to stop APPEAR proved abortive because their paymaster would always back them up.

“In many occasions the Eburummiri villagers would sleep in the bush for fear of being attacked.

“The most recent was sometime last week, the villagers opted to repair their four-year moribund borehole with the financial succour they got from the council Chairman, only for APPEAR and his few agents as usual to come from nowhere and told the villagers that they would collect money from the Abuja-based politician, Pat Asadu instead of Hon. Andy. Every effort the villagers made to convince them that they had commenced work and had even paid for the water pump proved abortive. Instead they threatened the old men and women that any attempt to near the borehole again and they would not live to tell the story.

“The villagers as usual ran for their dear lives and reported to the police.

“On the D-day that the Engineer was to install the pump, APPEAR sent his agents who invaded the venue and chased the village men and women who had come to pray before the commencement of work.

“The Ibagwa-Aka and Igbo-Eze South Neighborhood Watch were alerted by the villagers and they moved down to Eburummiri to forestall casualties as the Eburummiri youth tried to resist them.

“On arrival of Neighborhood Watch, the hoodlums ran away while two persons from Eburummiri working also for the Abuja paymaster were apprehended and handed over to the police.

“The Neighborhood Watch Chairmen of Ibagwa-Aka and that of Igbo-Eze South alongside their boys were receiving threatening calls from APPEAR and Obiora Aleke (aka Obilimoh), the Administrator of Igbo-Eze South West Central for arresting their agents.

“APPEAR later went to police station and fought the DPO but he was overpowered and put to cell. Immediately their paymaster, Pat Asadu called and insisted that APPEAR and the two boys be released. What transpired that led to their release is another story for another day but they were released with an undertaking by Obiora Aleke.

“The security men were under intimidation and threat by APPEAR and Obilimoh until on Saturday, 14/11/2021 when information filtered that they were importing bad boys to come and attack the Council Chairman during LG party meeting for sending Neighborhood Watch to intervene at Eburummiri.

“Police and Anti-kidnapping Squad were invited by the Chairman, Comrade Peter Andy to come and guard the meeting venue, the LG secretariat.

“APPEAR camped the boys in an unknown place but came alone to spy the ground. The presence of heavy security deterred him from signaling his criminal agents to coming to lunch an attack.

“Immediately the meeting ended, the Council Chairman, Comrade Peter Andy alongside the Anti-kidnapping Squad and some other party faithfuls left for a burial at Iheaka. On arrival at Iheaka the Chairman received a distress call that APPEAR led the camped criminals into the LG secretariat and chased party members who were eating and opted to burn down the Council secretariat.

“They attacked a Neighborhood Watch man by name Kelechi Ugwuoke with cutlass and he escaped with several cuts. Meanwhile the local government Neighborhood Watch members resisted them from burning down the secretariat while party faithfuls scampered for safety as many sustained injury.

“Immediately the Council Chairman alerted the Area Commander, the DPO of Igbo-Eze South, the Army incharge of Enugu-North Senatorial Zone and also sent the Anti-kidnapping Squad who went with him for the Iheaka burial to move down to Ibagwa to quell the mayhem.

“The police and the Anti-kidnapping Squad intercepted the hoodlums along MCC, Ibagwa with APPEAR. They all fled but shooting guns as they were running.

“APPEAR abandoned his car while running. Immediately angry mob opted to burn the car but the Abuja politician, the paymaster made frantic effort not only for the car not to be burnt but also for the car not to be taken to police station.

“We still thank the Nigerian Army, the Area Commander, the DPO and the Anti-kidnapping Squad who responded immediately the Council Chairman placed them on call.

“Be that as it may, let me make it very clear and in few words that Hon. Peter Andy, who remains and represents the shining example of purposeful and dynamic governance in Igbo-Eze South LGA, has never and will never in his widest thoughts, conceive the idea of orchestrating or championing any form of violence against any human, be the person a foe. And as such, has no hand and will never have anything to do with the ongoing senseless claim of considering any form of onslaught against same people he swore an allegiance to protect their lives and property.

“The Abuja man and his agents are making frantic moves to cover their shit but people are already aware of his hatred and plot against the Council Chairman who served him innocently and deligently for eleven (11) years without anything to show for it.

“I have personally decided to come up with this explanation in order to put the records straight and save the unsuspecting public, whose love for the sterling performance of Hon. Peter Andy from being misled by a group of few young men, who are bent on carrying out destructive directives of their paymaster.

“Having said that, it is instructive to note at this juncture that Hon. Peter Andy who has enjoyed and will continue to enjoy love, goodwill and kindness from His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and the good people of Igbo-Eze South LGA will continue to serve the people of the LGA with all his might.

“Above all, let me make it crystal clear that Hon. Peter Andy will continue to replicate the giant strides of the Governor of our dear state, whose dedication and passion for delivering the dividends of democracy to the great people of Enugu State, through massive rural development, at Igbo-Eze South LGA.

“This is his avowal and he will not renege on it as Council Chairman; just as he resist to be distracted by this rotten and shameless lies from the cesspit.

“Meanwhile, the harder they come, the harder they shall fail;” the publication noted.

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