Federal Might or Ben Johnson Way?

By: Mazi Ejimofor

— Ndi Anambra Queries, As APC Boasts Again.

There is something about “birds of same feather”, they continue to flock together until there is a greater than normal storm that unsettles the atmosphere.

I have friends across political divides, some are inspiring, many others I inspire. In all, there have always been mutual influencing that we respect with some kind of mature silence.

In joining this two paragraphs I want to state clearly that some “birds of same feathers” are flocking around the Anambra political sky. However, there is a storm raging within the atmosphere that will certainly end their flight. The kind of storm Imo couldn’t generate for unanticipated reasons.

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In 2017, we prayed for just one thing while I was on the other side — “Federal Might”. Eventually, President Buhari, in whom all the Federal Might rested, flew into Anambra only to wish us “good luck”. The Federal Might never came. This was in spite of Tony Nwoye’s deft grassroot political reach.

Edo saw the assemblage of APC’s best, led by the Jagaban himself. The converse happened when the much anticipated Federal Might turned out to read the riot act, urging all involved to rely on the “People’s Might”, and the ballot came through in the most historic way ever.

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As we match towards November 6, my former acolytes are singing the remix of an old song to my ears. They say it is the gargantuan combination of “Ben Johnson Way” and “Federal Might”. All I say to them is simple, Anambra is very much awake. I have promised to, like Gov. Wike, support them in prayers.

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