Femi Fani-kayode’s Test Run On Governor Nyesom Wike

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BEFORE I commence this essay, I must first make one very important point clear here to guide us. That is the fact that the death of late Senior Prophet T.B. JOSHUA was a terrible blow, setback and a devastation more to Femi Fani-Kayode than anyone else. Why? Because the Prophet was solely responsible for Kayode’s mental stability. The Prophet took to helping in many ways to check Kayode’s alleged “insanity” which is largely responsible for his noxiousness when provoked by remotely using his spiritual powers in casting away those demons infested in him allegedly by a family source meant to push him into demeaning activities whenever he is troubled by them.

THOSE demons were usually responsible for his unruly behaviors like the abuse of highly placed individuals in the society in a manner that betrays every sense of rationality, including the pouring of invectives on a sitting President and the gruesome brutality of those living at home with him whenever tormenting spirits will’s.

THERE is a great difference between one with his right senses engaged in heaping all sorts of abuses on the leadership of his own country for denigrating purposes unmindful of the prestige, reverences of the office or the consequences for doing that, all done merely to justify a pay packet or to satisfy a paymaster known to be Fani-Kayode’s work in trade. As against one in the same situation who rather engages in constructive attack instead of abuses against the policies, programs and drives of government that are widely acknowledged as being incompetent by providing evidences to back the claim of incompetencies of such leadership in steering the ship of state such that can warrant citizen’s disapproval in agitations through guarded protests or what have you as expected in a democracy.

BUT for Fani-Kayode he has been a win chaser. He hardly provide an evidence to back any of his numerous lies against government and its leadership beside hauling of abuses on the person of Mr. President in a manner unheard of in a sane society.

IN my article a few weeks ago, I promised that I was going to discuss and perhaps for the last time, the two or three things which are solely responsible for why Femi Fani-Kayode has been mounting pressure to come over to the APC, at all cost, having dismounted from the PDP for reasons of redundancies for so long due to the stance of the new leadership of the party which has the Governor of River state as one of its determining forces. And why the President Mohammadu Buhari in good standing and his respect for the feelings of his diehards would not make the horrible mistake Chief Obasanjo made at the time by giving this man Kayode appointment of any form (to reap where he didn’t sow) in the current government.

THE positions he had in the past are now relics and appearing to give some element of taciturnity to the effrontery and insipidity of this braggart called Kayode who has no electoral value nor decorum and over which he gets swollen headed but paradoxically yet shamelessly now sings out the post and office he once held like a song.

HEAR him: “how dare you talk to me like that, a former minister, a lawyer who has been attacking this government more than anybody else has done. So courageous, who has been sent to jail several times by this government, suffered? I have been working very hard for the past six years now, attacking this government and I fear nobody? Do you know the family background I am from? Learned. More richer than most people think I am? I don’t care what those monkeys out there are saying. Politicians don’t defect because of their lack of what to eat. I am not one of those who go about asking people for money. I work for my money.”

COME to think of it. The detentions he mentioned above were justifiable because of the allegations of embezzlement of government funds meant for development projects entrusted to him while he was minister of aviation and not for the jargons he often utters.

He often goes nuts whenever he is found wanting per public expectation especially where his weird character is called to question. It is then he would exclaim by using the appellations commonly equated to zilch to cover up for his outright nuisances, slovenliness and irascibility.

NO one would have bothered if Kayode had defected to hell or Jupiter for all he cares. That could’ve just been his business after all. The worry of those who spoke against his defection centered mostly on the show of contradictions that accompanied it.

A situation where he was being carried surprisingly to meet with President Buhari and a snap shot taken with him seen standing with a man he had abused unconscionably and to have attributed that to his defection was something absurd and made no political sense. This was so especially when he hadn’t been officially registered then in his wards as stipulated in the party’s guidelines for membership. What could that mean? Was it to applaud him for all the insults heaped on Mr. President? What was it for?

THE scene showing Kayode’s visit to the President was like witchcrafcy to those who watched the drama especially those of us who’ve been defending the President. You want to think these expressions are borne out of jealousy? No! The system is highly biased and perversive. Out of it, scenes like that abound. As such, good minded people mustn’t stay quiet where evil is made to prevail.

DO we now take that those who come out to insult the leaders are the ones who are now been accorded recognition in a society which is known to preach ethics and moral rectitude? The direct implication to such act is to suggest that those of us who are stoutly defending the President are outrightly foolish for doing so. Kayode cannot stand anyone of us who are engaged in the defense of the President, be it in our writing skills or oratory. He is just being over exaggerated by the media being a regular visitor to television stations where he grants interviews especially those whom he occasionally greases their palm from the money he gets for his so-called “hardworking.”

HE was just privileged to be given the opportunity to serve as a cabinet minister by President Obasanjo. That opportunity and the gain therefrom has fast been expended by his engagement in series of negative things where he has now become a recurring decimal short of being booed on the street, to be given catharsis to ever by no one but the press. Even that too is waning.

I HAVE never seen nor read in any of those statements Kayode makes in writing that inspires good reading with intellectual depth other that his monosyllabic use of adjectives to describe his numerous victims for his attacks, with words like, “the president is a beast, blood sucker; an acolyte of the devil and a shield-bearer of Lucifer, killers of Christians” and so on. And his description of the vice President Prof. Osinbajo where he calls him “that short devil who calls himself a preacher”. Do such statements represent one with a stable mind?

I HAVE never read where Kayode who is said to be gifted in writing; able to analytically and logically explain in those his write-ups why and how he came about those horrible conclusions and porous allegations he makes against those individuals whom he accuses?

FOR instance, he is now dabbling into private affairs by asking who the biological father of Governor Wike of Rivers state is; simply because the Governor had asked rhetorically in an interview why Kayode has been fund of the mention of his Father’s name instead of talking about himself, of what he has done for the party in his state of Osun? For him that’s a big deal to equally ask who Wike’s father is, and to make it a public show for a man who dwells more on trivialities and empty boasting? That is perhaps a prelude to what he had promised he would do assuredly to the opposition PDP to those who brought him into the APC.

THEREFORE, he has had to start first with the man who clipped his wings while in PDP and would not accommodate his nuisance for anything sake. The arrogant public now seems to applaud him as usual. Is it because that level of lowdown engagement sounds comical? Since bad news is good news, for the journalist who wants to sell his product, that could be excused. But on the overall, It is arrant nonsense. I supposed that’s what he has in his sleeves of what he says he would do in his proposed fight with the opposition PDP on behalf of APC? Come on, let’s be more serious here. This man is a clown, for crying out loud.

KAYODE’S dubiousity and comic manoeuvrings are legendary for one in his state who is constantly being influenced by belligerent forces. Perhaps that’s what gives some persons confidence that he is sane enough. But he isn’t. It is just spiritual concealment of the latent reality expressing itself in those comedies.

THE worries of those who complained bitterly about his defection into APC were centered on the misplacement of priorities where public opinion was infamously undermined by those who showcased him in that public show of shame that turned out to be a huge political miscalculation in case the party were to go into elections right away. That obviously would’ve seen a bandwagon effect for the bargain.

IT was quite absurd to consciously take a highly treacherous, corrupt and an unrepentant recidivist like Kayode who is known to be facing corruption charges presently with the EFCC to meet with an incorruptible president was very conflicting and a contradiction especially when the current President is known all over as one who abhors corruption. That doesn’t sound right in whatever ramification from which such consideration was mooted.

WE cannot do things any how just because we are in power. The President and the presidency must be seen to uphold certain ethics and be mindful of public opinion over the type of gestures we expose Mr. President to. Significantly, public opinion must be such that does not show the President and his revered office as weak and in bad light. At least deliberate effort should be made to achieve that; seventy percent mark; on the average, especially on how the president’s image is been laundered to incur the rate of how public perception of his, swings. So too with the party.

WE should endeavor to shield the President from unnecessary embarrassments over what we can prevent. The President, like Governors is a public property to be highly venerated by we, his subjects. And not the preserve of some individuals, tribe or groups of persons to do as they chose with him under no circumstance.

THAT’S why I am in full defense of Mr. President even when I am neither an Hausa Northerner nor a Fulani, Muslim or an aid of the President. I still do right that which is expected of me as a sane and knowledgeable citizen. Just like the name of the Lord who saved me, I will always fight with my pen, anyone who attempts to denigrate the office and person of my President. Whoever that is, good or bad, let him finish his tenure and go! There is always another time. And God’s time is the best.

BY the way, what moral lessons is there to learn from Kayode’s arranged visit to Buhari or what advantage does it bring to the party? That’s the question! No one should tell me here that he is brought in so that the party would use him to abuse and attack those of the rival PDP. That is absolute rubbish. Could that be the standard we want to set for our politics? Hopefully not.

BY the way, did all the abuses and false accusations Kayode made against President Buhari during the elections between himself and Goodluck Jonathan caused his principal former President Jonathan to win the elections in the year 2015? Certainly not. This man simply exhibits bad character and nothing else. He is just one made by the press for their use. Since bad news sells fast, he is no better person than the negative things he is known for however he tries to explain himself.

TO equate Fani-Kayode to any sitting governor in Nigeria is by such act indirectly undermining the integrity of Nigerian voters. It takes a lot for one to be accepted by his party and subsequently voted in as a governor of a state in Nigeria. One must have endeared his or herself to the people sufficiently in order to get their votes besides having the resources to fund the logistical involvements. Like in equity as in elections, you are required to be one with evidence that portray you as one without deficits in morals and other expectations to attract public endorsement by voters with their voting cards in an election.

KAYODE is just a clown who is being allowed to go away with most of the nonsenses he often utters just because most people in authority seem to believe he is suffering from occasional mental imbalance. And to crown that up, just recently, a lady who once lived with him as a wife also testified publicly and in writing to the assertion of his mental state which she claimed is responsible for all the irresponsible behaviours he puts forward which does occur intermittently with little or no provocation from those he often attacks at his home and outside of it. She also alluded the occurrences are an almost recurrent decimal in the homefront.

WE must get our priorities right in this country and that includes dissuading people from applauding attitudes that send wrong signals about our moral rectitude especially from those in government cycle. That way, we can avoid giving our children or the coming future generations of leaders an incriminating and inglorious leadership style to adopt. IT is only in Nigeria where that appears to exist. And it is because of politics that people like Kayode can be tolerated and given the sort of attention he gets from both the press and those who benefit from his nuisance in the name of opposition politics and nowhere else.

IN the concluding party of this essay, I shall endeavor to deal with what I promised I would analytically discuss. Which is the three things that made Femi Fani-Kayode to do everything humanly possible to defect to APC from PDP, the Lord willing.

PLEASE stay with me. Our society will certainly be dominated with evil people doing their things with ease when Godfearing persons stay beside and watch and they do not do nor say anything. I reject such scenario. I will certainly challenge whoever is breathing his tales on our necks. For the sake of the children. Do not fail to keep a date with me as usual.
End Time Message.!


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