FG Should Support Boko Haram To Defeat ISWAP – Adamu Garba

A popular Fulani politician, Adamu Garba has suggested that the Nigerian government should tactically support Boko Haram in their ongoing battle against ISWAP.

According to him, the ongoing fracas between the two terrorist groups is not a good news for Nigeria.

He said that there are two options available, it is either the federal government wait for both terrorist groups to destroy each other or the government tactically supports the lesser group to defeat the stronger group first.

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The former presidential candidate said that to him, ISWAP is more dangerous and it will be better to support Boko Haram to defeat them. He said that the worst the Nigerian Government can do is to sit back and do nothing.

Either way, you want to look at the fracas between ISWAP & Shekau/BH, none of it is good news for Nigeria. To me, ISWAP is more dangerous & both must not win. We’ve 2 options: Wait for them to destroy themselves before we move to crush both, or tactically support a lesser evil“, Adamu Garba says in his Tweets.

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