Fr. Mbaka Just A Nominal Catholic

By: Valentine Obienyam

Those of us who have followed Fr. Mbaka have since realized that he is just a nominal Catholic seeking independence by all means.

I thank his Bishop most profoundly. He has applied a lot of wisdom, as a shepherd that he is, trying to guide the straying sheep. He has thus far refused to be guided by motley of emotions and cathartic public opinion.

Bishop Onaga may have been secretly enamoured of the words of St. Pope John Paul 11. At the height of the madness of Archbishop Milingo, the Pope said to him: “In the name of God, come back to the Church.” Who knows how many times Fr. Mbaka’s bishop have told him: “ In the name of God, remain with the Church.”

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But it would appear that the pull towards independence as to grant him the full freedom of doing as he wishes is stronger in him. Time shall tell.

I just laughed when he was mentioning the names of Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops that have decried the ills in the land. The truth is that overcome with pride, Mbaka even sees himself as above those people. If countries weigh words by counting guns, why would priests no weigh their importance by counting their followers? Reading Mbaka’s mind.

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