Goat And Pawpaw Test Positive To Coronavirus In Tanzania

Tanzanian president, John Magufuli on Sunday requested a test on the nation’s coronavirus trying units after examples taken from a goat and pawpaw tested positive.

Talking at an occasion in Chato in the northwest of Tanzania, Magufuli said the COVID-19 testing packs which had been imported from abroad had specialized blunders.

The president said he had taught Tanzanian security powers to check the nature of the units, who at that point arbitrarily got a few non human examples, including from a pawpaw, a goat, and a sheep, yet had alloted them human names and ages.

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As indicated by him, these examples were then submitted to Tanzania’s research center to test for the coronavirus, with the lab specialists left intentionally unconscious of their starting points.

President Magufuli later uncovered that examples from the pawpaw and the goat tested positive for covid 19, including almost certainly, a few people were being tried constructive when in certainty they were not tainted by the coronavirus.

“We did a test on a goat which turned positive. This discloses to you that something isn’t right,” he expressed.

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“Are we presently expected to isolate goats and natural products?” President Magufuli addressed.

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