Google Doodle Honours Singer Known As ‘Barefoot Diva’

Google Doogle has honoured Cesária Évora, born on 27 August 1941 and died on 17 December 2011 who was a Cape Verdean vocalist and recording artist. Nicknamed the “Barefoot Diva” for performing without shoes, she was also known as the “Queen of Morna”.

According to Wikipedia, in 2010, Évora performed a series of concerts, the last of which was in Lisbon on 8 May. Two days later, after a heart attack, she underwent surgery at a local hospital in Paris. On the morning of 11 May 2010 she was taken off artificial pulmonary ventilation, and on 16 May she was discharged from the intensive-care unit and transported to a clinic for further treatment. In late September 2011, Évora’s agent announced that she was ending her career due to poor health.

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On 17 December 2011, aged 70, Évora died in São Vicente, Cape Verde, from respiratory failure and hypertension. A Spanish newspaper reported that 36 hours before her death she was still receiving people – and smoking – in her home in Mindelo, popular for always having its doors open.

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