Gov. Hope Uzodimma Redefining Governance In Imo State

One of the problems with governance in our today’s world is that of showmanship coupled with media frenzy from the government just to impress the governed. Oftentimes, it becomes very difficult for government at any level to do anything without expecting public applause even when it falls under their constitutional duties just to show they’re working.

Back home in the country, it has become difficult to separate showbiz from governance as it is all about the glamour, paparazzi, 3D imaging, media hyping amongst other things and all these comes at a high price which can be used to uplift the state and drive home development in their respective states. It has therefore become governance predicated on accolades rather than impact thereby chasing shadows and frivolities instead of the human capital development.

In imo state, successive administrations have so much invested more in media clout than governance itself. It has become imperative that whatever they do and wherever they go to, the media must cover it and most times asked to overhype such events or projects so that the world will hear of them. This is not just relegated to the media world alone but party men and praise singers are equally partners in making governors see themselves as lords and emperors which makes them act anyhow and initiate programs and policies that are not people oriented.

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The coming onboard of Gov. Hope Uzodimma with the shared prosperity cliche is clear understanding of a purpose driven administration that is aimed at richly impacting in the lives of both the rich and the ordinary man in the state. It became necessary for the administration to work on the tripod of the 3R mantra initiative of recovery, reconstruction and reconciliation.

For Gov. Hope Uzodimma governance is all about people oriented projects that will make meaningful impact and in turn move the state forward. It is all about the significance of teaching people how to fish and not given them fishes. He has so far within one year in office demystify governance devoid of praise singers and now can directly hear from the people what they actually want from government. These he has done without the mindset of a reciprocal accolades because it is what governance is all about.

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Several actions of the governor in the area of civil service and pension has brought about the data management center and data capturing of all genuine civil servants and pensioners in the state and a move that is widely appreciated and saves cost for the government which hitherto taken by the ghost workers.

There is no road in imo state that is not motorable and some under construction. A careful examination of these projects shows that these roads are of economic and social importance to motorists, pedestrians, business owners and even the communities where these roads are situated. Most them have different ugly stories to tell but today the roads are in good shapes and not just that but was properly constructed with the best of materials and a construction company. Imo today is now different from the imo of yesterday.

Other sectors of the state economy ranging from health, education, industries, security, job creation/empowerment, infrastructure, etc are not left out of the numerous projects or programmes initiated by the state government that will better the lives of Imolites. They do not just happen but they are well articulated to make positive impacts and in the end they people will have every cause to be thankful.

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Gov. Hope Uzodimma is not after the accolades although it is very much justifiable for the people to always be appreciative of their government but he believes that such can come only when he must have change the tides of the people and that again is purposeful governance that is interested in making impacts and until then the government will remain focus and not to be misguided by accolades and praise singers until unmatchable development in the state is achieved.

No doubt that the shared prosperity government of Gov. Hope Uzodimma has redefined governance in imo state and has further set the benchmark for governance even after his administration. Imolites should therefore watch out for more impactful policies and programs of this government as it will always be accessible, beneficial and result oriented.

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