Gov. Umahi And The miracle of seven loaves and Two fishes

Gov. Umahi And The miracle of seven loaves and Two fishes

By : Azubuike Azadus

In those days , when Jesus Christ was on Earth preaching the gospel , there were multitude of people following him around , they have being with him in the wilderness for over three days without food.(mark 8 vs 1—38).

Being a passionate man , Jesus called his disciples and said
“I have compassion for these people; they have already been with me three days and have nothing to eat. I do not want to send them away hungry, or they may collapse on the way.”
The disciples answered Jesus Christ in bewilder manner wondering where they could sources food to feed thousands of the crowds in a wilderness (desert ) wherein only seven loaves and Two fishes were left with them .

Similarly, Gov. Umahi of Ebonyi state signifies Jesus; the meagre covid-19 funds represent the seven loaves and Two fishes while the thousands of Ebonyians signifies the multitudes .

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In the face of Covid-19 pandemic that have ravaged humanity , Gov. Umahi in his prudence manners meticulously feeds thousands of Ebonyians by distributing foods items worth millions of naira to the vunerables to cushion the effects of Covid-19 pandemic among the citizens.

Having spent billions of naira to facelifts our health facilities. Umahi in his compassionate manner distributed foods items and pastries worth millions of naira to the less preveilege Ebonyians . The sharing of the pailiatives are without party affiliations, tribal sentiment as none indigenous people were also beneficiaries.

Reference to the biblical verses of mark 8 vs 11. ” And the Pharisees came forth and began to question with him ,seeking him a sign from heaven , tempting him “. The Facebook cum lazy E–rats signifies the Pharisees. Before the distribution of the pailiatives commences, the social media urchins have started parading freaky punk photos to downgrade the exercise but were caught in the web as most of them ended up been caught on camera parting away with their largess of the pailiatives. What a world? It is quite disheartening that grown up men could woke up morning to spew lies just to score a cheap political trivialities.

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It is a known facts that the opposition fingerlings who sees nothing good in what our wonder working governor is doing in the state would always tempt themselves by twisting white to be black . They had wailed in the past that Umahi administration wouldn’t share pailiative but were flabbergasted to see Gov. Umahi performing the prototype of Jesus Christ miracle of the seven loaves and Two fishes .

Apostle David Umahi , a man after God’s heart have not only compassionately feed Ebonyians in the face of pandemic but as well proven to be a prudent manservant.

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As Ebonyians are jubilating over this miracles feeding , it is our collective desires that his Excellency Deacon David Nweze Umahi recovers rapidly from this invisible enemy called coronavirus.

Ebonyians are thanking God for blessing them with a man of a meek heart .To God by the glory 🙏🙌!!!

……………… be continued

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