Governor Abdulrazaq Should Be Held Responsible For Woes That Befall Kwara APC – Group

Governor Abdulrazaq

The Kwara APC Integrity Vanguards, (KAIV) has responded to spurious claim by a faction of the party led by Governor Abdulraham Abdulrazaq wherein they are blaming the opposition and Leaders of our party in the state for the Embarrasing exit the party suffered yesterday , 18th of June 2021, while our group understand that Abdulrazaq and his minions are looking for all means to transfer their aggressions over the unpopular manner the Governor has been handling his party , we put it straight that the mass Exodus our party witnessed is just a test of microphone if the Party is not revived from the incorrigible Leadership examplified by Abdulrazaq Government

As a group committed to the APC mantra , we are not going to allow Abdulrazaq and his paid urchins to mislead the public with his continuous transfer of blame of his Irresponsible Leadership to Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki, immediate past president of the Nigeria Senate and leader of opposition in the state .

The general public will recall that on several occasions, our group had raised many alarms drawing APC leaders at all strata to the unfortunate “sole proprietorship of Goverment and draconian” manner the Governor has been leading the party and the Government since his assumption of office in 2019 , this, we had warned, would lead the party into a catastrophic end but the party leadership at the national arena have turned deaf ear, thinking the destiny of everybody in the party must be subjected to the whims and caprices of the Governor of the state.

It is imperative to let the public know that the Wazirin Hausa Kwara , Mallam Gobir and thousands of other Patriots who left our party to form a new platforms called “Third Forces” are all aggrieved members of Kwara APC who are tired of Abdulrazaq draconian Leadership . To hold Saraki or any other person responsible for Abdulrazaq Irresponsible Leadership will therefore be the worst goof from the APC or any discerning mind.

We also found it laughable reading an unintelligent article from the stable of AA group titled “SARAKI USED GOBIR TO DESTROY APC” , this article which was written on the dictate of Mr Governor further reflected how petty Abdulrazaq could stoop to play his dirty politics .

To claim Gobir is working for Saraki because of his attendance of Baraje launching at Abuja is another testimony that there is no intellectual reasoning within Abdulrazaq and his Government. It’s important to tell Mr Governor that his own Ally , Moshood Mustapha, MM was also a guest at the same program , why then are they not saying that Saraki using is Moshood Mustapha who was even closer to his Leadership to destroy APC ?

If the claim that Saraki is using Gobir is anything to hold , we ask Governor Abdulraham Abdulrazaq and his hired writers who then have they been using to repair or promote the APC , a platform which has offered them the most excellent opportunity any Politician can dream of ?

To us at Kwara APC Integrity Vanguard, we feel that Abdulrazaq is still suffering from his usual inferiority complex especially whenever he hears names such as Saraki ,Lai Muhammad and Senator Gemishola Saraki.

It is obvious to followers of Kwara politics that Abdulrazaq imperviousness for corrections , his poor Leadership skill , his fraudulent and deceptive nature has continue to destroy the fabric of the APC Brand in kwara State

Signed :

Alhaji Idris Onimasa,
State Coordinator,
Kwara APC Integrity Vanguard

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