Hoarding Of Palliatives: Concerned Citizens Of Omambala, Belate Gov Obiano

Obiano and flood

…says Omambala is in ruins.
…accuses ABS Awka of asking for money from victims of flood before airing their plight.

This opinion article is from Concerned Citizens Of Omambala.


The government of Anambra state rose from an emergency exco on Saturday 24th October after reports of VANDALISM BY PUPORTED HOODLUMS. The ongoing protest across the country has been taken over by hoodlums and miscreants to vent their anger on the system, no doubt.

For the government of our dear state to hide under the pretence of SUPPORT TO FLOOD VICTIMS is not just deceptive but criminal and insultive to the victims. This is a government that could not utter a statement on the flood devastation nor the plight of the people for almost 3 months.

This is a government that it’s media outfit could not carry the report for the world to see/hear, rather attempts by individuals to bring the ABS to give the flood coverage as a basic civic responsibility of the media, was not only resisted but ABS needed the flood victims (probably) to pay or like they said, provide them logistics to cover it.
To think of the fact that Anambra state government did not see a reason to attract the Federal government’s ministry of environment, NEMA or even appeal for assistance through ecological funds is the height of neglect and insensitivity.

Is this the northerners marginalising us?

Who would have thought that 4 LGAs in the state were affected by the flood, with 1 LGA, Anambra west being fully submerged for a period of 6 weeks and all the cries fell on deaf insensitive ears? Their defence was that they put up announcements in the media asking the people to evacuate to upland areas. YES! Upland areas with nothing… no facilities; assaults and rape; subjected to inhuman conditions etc etc. The state could not even provide IDP camps. The arrangements maybe toed the footprints of the federal government that was feeding school children during COVID-19 lockdown.

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The flood started receeding on the 16th of October (though very slow) for 5 days, then halted. Still government said/did nothing. Now on 24th October that is the time to remember flood victims AS A COVER UP FOR COVID-19 PALLIATIVE ITEMS that they could not bring their minds to release them to the masses. Why won’t the masses rage in revolt. Why and how was the 24th October DUE DATE to send palliative items to flood victims. WHO IS FOOLING WHO? SOME LIES ARE TOO CHEAP AND INDICATIVE OF LOW CEREBRAL MAKEUP. They should have thought of a more convincing cover if there could ever be any in this situation.

It is DISAPPOINTING that the Governor hails from the flood prone area, likewise the SEMA boss and a host of other people who should understand the plight of flood victims who are within the corridors of power. They say WHEN ONE IS KILLED BY ONE’S KINSMEN, THE SPIRIT WILL NOT REVOLT. Such is the case of the flood victims in Anambra state as at 2020. SENDING THOSE SO CALLED PALLIATIVE ITEMS IS LIKE ADDING BOTH SALT AND INSULT TO A FRESH INJURY. WE WISH THE PEOPLE COULD REJECT THEM IN THE SPIRIT THAT “IF YOU THINK I AM DESPERATELY HUNGRY, THEN I TELL YOU THAT I HAVE SOME LEFTOVERS.”

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The government of Obiano in Anambra should start now to think about THE DAY AFTER. That’s the day after being a governor. No matter what, everyone needs one’s kinsmen/family. If not why did he run to Aguleri at the peak of the demonstration? Because he knows that government security can fail but his kinsmen will spend the last drop of their blood to defend him.

For whoever that cares to know, the MOST DISADVANTAGED LGAs in Anambra are Anambra west and Ogbaru but unfortunately, right under our noses, subsequent administrations in the state use these areas to play DIRTY POLITICS and enrich themselves fraudulently. To clear doubts, some striking and glaring events in the education sector of the state will be mentioned.

EDUCATION IS THE KEY, we are told.

  1. At the mid level of the 2020 flood when schools became inaccessible, the commissioner for education, Prof Kate Omenugha instructed pupils in Anambra west and other flooding areas to join communities in upland areas to be going to school. This is a clearly thoughtless action. This shows nobody investigatives before taking a decision. If she did, she would have known that that statement RIDICULED her and the government she serves.
  2. If we claim that EDUCATION IS THE KEY, then it is clear that various governments and the present one in Anambra does not want to apply that key to open the areas that need them. State government commissioned a research that it spent millions of Naira to conduct and the said Prof Omenugha tendered an outcome that is not only false, insult to the people of those areas but indication of many frauds that will be unravelled when WILLIE BOWS OUT. Let the Governor investigate this and prove us wrong.
  3. Posting of teachers to these areas has remained the worst of racketeering. These difficult areas where teachers refuse to go to are usually asked to present their children for employment and the POWERS collect money from non natives and people from other states and employ them, just for them to present medical reports once their appointments are confirmed. They just send these schools back to status quo.

If we are challenged in the above few, we shall prove them WITH LIVING FACTS and go on to open up more in this sector and other sectors. We urge those who bathe with clothes covered around their bodies to beware. Warning: THIS IS A # HASHTAG GENERATION.

EVERY SECTOR in Anambra today is not just ailing but cancerous. But what do we expect? They see governance as EGUNJE (chance food). It is a pity that Nice man Willie may be the one to bear the brunt but God save us. If he would hear, THE PEOPLE AROUND HIM ARE NOT HONEST TO HIM. We keep wishing to have a private opportunity to ask him (Willie) WHAT WOULD HE LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED WHEN HE LEAVES OFFICE? Because, so far, THERE ARE NOTHING CREDIBLE.

Video: The flood in Anam, Anambra west LGA

Concerned Citizens Of Omambala

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  1. Thank you very much for enlightening me, and most importantly, just in time. Just think, six years already in the Internet, but this is the first time I hear it.

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