Hunger Crisis: NGO Calls for more stakeholders action


Mr Bolajoko Fadipe, founder and CEO, FoodClique, is saddened by the latest hunger report which pits Nigeria as one of the world’s hunger hit nations and he has called for more actions from the government and private sector in eradicating the scourge.

In a global report recently released on the state of food security in the world, it was discovered that about two third of world’s hungriest people can be found in eight countries including Nigeria.

While the causes might not be the same across the world; conflict, climate change, poverty, migration, natural disaster, war and economic downturn are some of the major causes of the problem.

Since inception, FoodClique, a non-governmental organization has continued to evolve means such as free school meal program, community kitchen, senior meal program, hunger advocacy, food waste campaign and various other palliative means to reduce the number of hungry people in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Reacting to the report, Fadipe said, “Loss of jobs and declining social welfare benefits account for more people thrown into hunger misfortune even in cities around the world while the conflict in Northern part of Nigeria, Yemen and Sudan has further truncated the reality of a zerohunger world by 2030”.

He further stressed that a legislative framework must be put in place which includes supporting initiatives like FoodClique, investment in agriculture, tax rebate for companies supporting hunger eradication through corporate social responsibility, reduction in food waste which is a major cause of climate change, setting aside political differences and the Federal Government having the political will to end the root cause of hunger which is evident in the recent statistics on the state of food crisis report which has put Nigeria among the countries with the highest number of hungry people worldwide.

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