I Am Fighting Same Cause As Nnamdi Kanu — Sunday Igboho

Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho has said he is fighting the same cause as the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.

According to Igboho in leaked audio obtained by Sahara Reporters said he is not afraid of anything the Nigerian government planned for him.

“Even if it’s Nigeria they want to take me to, I’m not afraid. At least Nnamdi Kanu is there, we are both fighting for the same cause. If they want to take me back to Nigeria, then no problem”.

Igboho also said; “My journey in life is between me and my God, I have accepted my fate where I’m currently. I’m not afraid of anything again”.

“Even if taken before the Judge, I’ll tell him I’m not afraid of him except God. He can do anything to me”.

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The secessionist agitator also blasted his lawyers who he said didn’t give him the regards he deserved and were unable to make the Benin Republic authority “remove handcuffs from my hands for seven days”.

“I told him (lawyer) I was hungry and had to eat, and he told me to go. I told him to see me; it wasn’t because of those people that he came here now. I was waiting for him for 15 minutes. If he had told those people to give him time to attend to his client, that one would not have said anything because he knew you came there because of me.

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But he abandoned me where I was. I didn’t know him before now; I wasn’t expecting him at all. I didn’t know it was Salami that lawyer, Falola, would be sending. I’m not a young boy now; I’ll be 50 years by October this year. I might have a small body but God answered my prayers. I’m a man and I know my worth.

“Are the lawyers God? The lawyers that can’t convince a judge to release me; see how many they are, about 10 of them, are those ones lawyers? The lawyers that can’t let them remove handcuffs from my hands for seven days until Falola came. It wasn’t small money that they collected, some collected N5million, some N4million. I’m not afraid of any one of them.

“I don’t need any information from them. Anything they want to do, they should do it. I don’t need any information from them, I told my wife when she visited me recently. Any information that can’t take me out of here is useless. He didn’t give me respect at all. That was actually what happened.”

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