If Buhari Can Do These 4 Things For The Igbo People, They Will Stop Agitating For Biafra

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We all have a role to play in sanitizing our dearly country, nobody can publicly say it that he is happy of hearing how Nigerian are dying every day. I don’t have the power to help the Nigerian government fight out the terrorists that are killing people but I am dropping my viewpoint on how I think Nigeria can be peaceful.

If the federal government can do these four things for the Igbo people, they will stop agitating for Biafra.

Appointing an Igbo man as chief of the army:

Igbo people deserve this over and over again, they are well known for their technology and smartness, appointing them, we make a positive move for the success of Nigeria soldiers in using modern methods to track down the criminal in Nigeria.

Deploy soldiers to fish out ESN:

Nigeria has faced a lot of terrorism than allowing the eastern security network(ESN) to join the race. ESN is not something President Buhari should take softly. Who is funding them? How did they get the weapons they are holding? ESN members are people like us, not spirits. I believe that I president Buhari deploy a large number of soldiers to the bush where they are hiding, I know they will be arrested.

Arresting Nnamdi Kanu:

Nnamdi Kanu has caused harm to people than the good, but the love that some people has for him won’t allow them to see his flaws. He is the main person feeding young Nigerian hatred and lies so that they can start fighting and killing fellow Nigerian who used to be their brothers. If President Buhari wants to take the bold step to end the terrorism in our country, Nnamdi Kanu must be arrested.

Giving them the presidential seat in 2023:

President Buhari doesn’t have the power to do this but we citizen can make it happen if truly we love ourselves as we claim. Igbo people are so hungry and can’t wait to have a taste of our national cake. It has been over 50 years ago that an Igbo man rules Nigeria last. They are one of the answers to make Nigeria a better place. We can’t be preaching one Nigeria when one of the biggest tribe is being cheated.

What do you think about my opinion? Drop your comments below.

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