Igbos Should Forget Biafra Now

Sebastin Uremadu is a professor of Banking and Finance, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State. In this Interview with UDOKA AGWU, he advised those clamouring for Biafra and restructuring to rather work towards the realisation of the Igbo presidency in 2023. He also spoke on other topical issues in the country. Excerpts:

What is your take on Ayo Adebanjo’s view about Nigeria’s unity and Igbo presidency?

God will continue to bless Chief Ayo Adebanjo, the Afenifere leader, for being truthful and honest and for his unreserved love for unity of Nigeria. It is the Yorubas of his likes, that sincerely want the unity of Nigeria and not those who would continue to sow the seed of discord, engendering marginalisation of the Igbos and they think they are dealing hard with the Igbos not knowing that they are undoing themselves as well as weakening the strength of Nigeria by their continued working for the downfall of the Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria. Time has come for the turn of the Igbos in Nigeria to take their quota in the rotational presidency and we need good men like Pa Ayo Adebanjo, those from the North, South, East, West, Middlebelt, to join him in this noble campaign to make an Igbo president of Nigeria. God bless Chief Ayo Adebanjo and his likes in Nigeria who continuously say the truth and who seek a just cause for the nation. May they live long.

What is your response to those who say that zoning is dead?

For NRC candidate in annulled Nigeria June 12, 1993 Presidential election, Bashir Tofa, to have said that zoning is dead in the country, saying the idea will never promote unity among Nigerians portrayed him as an unrepentant spoiler. It was his candidacy that led to the annulment of June, 1993 election, believed to have been won by his opponent, Chief M.K.O. Abiola. Having enjoyed an unstopped democratic season since we embarked on rotational presidency is in 1999, for him to claim it does not lead to unity of Nigeria is most unfair to God and this country. May God help him to repent.

What is your take on those clamouring for President Muhammadu Buhari’s third term agenda?

Those making such sponsored request are not only wicked but they are irresponsible and are seeking ways to destabilise the country and or derail President Muhammadu Buhari’s well nurtured administration for their selfish reasons. Do they mean that among over 200 million Nigerians, that President Buhari could not through a democratic means discover and assist to enthrone another Nigerian from the zone it is their rightful turn to produce next president of Nigeria, come 2023? I do not think any right-thinking Nigerian would seek otherwise and by so doing, offend God who saved him from a threatening illness in 2017 when Nigerians of diverse tongues, tribes and religion prayed and God answered and healed him, a miracle President Buhari himself and members of his family can never deny.

Those asking him to do otherwise, definitely do not like him but for their greed and selfish motives, because they do not mean well for him nor the country; but would want to myopically benefit in their little way they have been profiting, under his presidency. It shall never augur well for such persons, Amen! They should allow President Buhari to serve his second term in office, ending in 2023.

What is your view on the stand of Clark, Yakassai, Williams and Balarabe on Igbo Presidency?

I must commend the Elder statesmen, Tanko Yakassai and Edwin Clark for their wise intervention towards the 2023 Igbo presidential election project and their declaration that the South East geopolitical zone should be allowed to produce the president of the country, in 2023.

All the major political blocs in the country have produced the President, except the South East, and justice and equity demand that the Igbos be allowed to produce the president after which power rotation could continue.

I describe Tanko Yakassai, Edwin Clark, Gen. Ishola Williams and Balarabe Musa as men of wisdom and truth. Igbos deserve the presidency of the country after President Buhari.

Will you attribute APC’s loss of Imo 2019 gubernatorial election to Rochas Okorocha?

APC would have won in Imo State governorship election, if not for the misbehaviour of Rochas Okorocha. And I must say that the APC national body contributed to that, because if they had wanted the APC to win the governorship seat of Imo State, they would have called Rochas Okorocha to order. It was intentional, a gang up engineered by Ahmed Tinubu and Yemi Osinbajo and they misled President Muhammadu Buhari and Oshiomhole was put at the forefront in pushing that. APC wanted to get Osun State, they went in and got it. They wanted to get Ekiti State, they went in and got it. Presently, they want to get Kogi State, they have moved heaven and earth and suppressed others and they are still projecting Yahaya Bello. Why did the APC and President Muhammadu Buhari move in to stop Rochas Okorocha from presenting his son in-law? They never wanted us, so let us not pretend, because they were scheming.

Do you suspect any scheming against the 2023 Igbo presidency?

Yes there is; but let me tell you the truth, every scheming against the Igbo Presidency in 2023 will fail.

What is your take on Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and the N-power Social Fund Distribution?

The scheme is a failure and lopsided. The Vice President concentrated on the South-West and parts of the North, with South benefiting little.

What is your advice to Igbos on the 2023 Presidency project?

I must caution our people, the Igbos against confusing the quest for presidency with calls for State of Biafra and restructuring. Igbos need presidency of the country, not Biafra or restructuring. Restructuring is a thing of the mind. It is true that Igbos have been marginalised but that does not warrant misguided demands. I will advise the Igbos to return to political alliance with the North, as was done by the late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. The South East should play mainstream politics.

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