Imo: Farce And Fallacy Of A Messianic Governor, A Lot Is Involved


By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

… governor uzodimma has shocked and surprised his detractors with good leadership and good governance 22 months

Truth be told, only those that were very very close to Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma before he became governor must have given him any chance of delivering on good leadership and good governance. Most other people thought that he would capsize the ship of State and inevitably do the needful by resigning.

Personally, we never gave him more than six months to close shop. But with passing minutes, hours, days, weeks and months, we kept seeing how steadily, though slowly at first, the governor was adjusting and stabilizing various sectors of the State.

It was his tremendous success in expertly driving the ship of State that disarmed us and encouraged us to join him in the project of rehabilitating, reconstructing and recovering Imo State.

However, 22 months after, only a few inconsequential people still glare at him with the lenses of envy, jealousy, hatred and malice. The majority now agree and accept that Governor Uzodimma is there.

He has keyed into the leadership and governance styles and systems and has been harnessing and galvanizing all harnessable and galvanisable in the State.

The questions that must be agitating many minds now include: what could any other person serving as Imo governor be doing better than Governor Uzodimma is doing? Why do some people still give the impression that there’s a messianic governor, who has all the Midas Touch, magic wand, and the magical gifts of Alice in Wonderland?

It’ll be sheer farce and fallacy for anybody to nurse the thought and thinking that there’s a messianic governor somewhere in whose power the capacity and capability of growing and developing Imo State lies. There’s no such Imolite!

But in the event there’s such a person, then he or she must be counted among the most unpatriotic citizens of Imo State and Nigeria. The Bible teaches that it’s a sin for a person to know the right thing to do but fail to do it.

Anybody assuming himself or herself to be a messianic governor material, anybody or group of people who feel adequately convinced that there’s a messianic governor material in Imo State; both such messianic leader and his or her disciples aren’t honest and sincere! They’re hoax!

Yet, the sustainable truth is that there’s no messianic governor material in Imo State. All Imolites are mortals, first and foremost. They’re are severally and variously products of the same Imo and Nigeria society, with all foibles.

Every potential and prospective governor material in Imo State today is as good as any other potential and prospective governor material, and indeed the other citizens that will be governed. The difference is located in positioning, chance, opportunity, and style!

Therefore, it’s farce and fallacy to boast of messianic prowess in leadership and governance. Only normal humanly possible leadership and governance capacities and capabilities are available.

Right from the history of Imo State some 45 years ago, military and civilian governors have always been in charge of the State. Each of them has done only his best and left.

And in fairness to them, their efforts have continually seen to the physical, social and economic growth and development of the State.

Governor Uzodimma is the incumbent governor! And he’s remarkably adding to what he met on ground upon his assumption in office.

The idea that there’s this one person in Imo State who without him or her Imo State won’t grow and develop is a mere expression of the spurious language of politics.

He won’t do more than his best, which will be determined by various variable and invariable factors.

Can any governor potential and prospect out there bring his own money and materials to develop Imo State?

Can any governor potential and prospect out there print money and legal tender? Can any governor borrow money unlimitedly without official censors and censures?

What’s left is prudence. What’s left is vision. What’s left is eye and sense of the priority needs of the State and the people.
What’s left is to be sincere with the limits of what can be done and achieved within set time frames.

What’s left is to be open and honest with the people about the situation of things and about the efforts being made to keep the State afloat and moving, albeit slowly and steadily.

In all of the above, Governor Uzodimma has proven that he understands how the government should work and run. He takes things by the weight on the scale of preference.

He channels the financial resources of the State into areas of priority, which is essentially people-oriented projects and programmes.

So, when next anybody taunts and mocks you that Governor Uzodimma hasn’t done this or that, the right and correct thing to say is that given the situation and circumstances of things in Nigeria and Imo State, the governor has done well.

No governor could have done better than what Governor Uzodimma is doing within the period, under the prevalent situation and circumstances in the State.

So, those aimlessly struggling to get XYZ into the office of the governor to serve as Imo governor, must apply some caution in their aggrieve faith in that person. There are no magic moves. All irons must go to the fire! Trousers must reach every governor where it reaches all other governors. The world is watching!!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rehabilitated, reconstructed and recovered!!

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