Imo State: Why Jasper Chukwuemaka Must Resign As Tc Chairman

Why Jasper Chukwuemaka Must Resign As Tc Chairman

This is the right time for Hon. Jasper Chukwuemeka to resign and leave Obowo in peace.
What a con, self-centered, anomalous, unencumbered, undemocratic representative imposed on great Obowians.
Why the scuffle between the DPO Otoko and TC chairman?, What a shame and a disgusting show off some days ago between the DPO and Jasper Chukwuemeka. It is obvious that the Otoko police station rebuilt by Engr. Chidi is having a reopening setbacks as a result of the TC chairman seeking for cut before approval.
Jasper a heartless & selfish leader that doesn’t have human feeling will always show his inborn negative attitude.

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Ndi Obowu bikonu, why must Jasper remove #60.000 from #500.000 that governor gave the family that lost a young man who was gruesomely murdered in name of borrowing or personal settlement/ commission instead of showing more support for the bereaved family, u can verify this fact from the Father of the late (09030484492).
A leader with dark transparency will take advice from dark director, 60%of the entire Obowo LGA staff including PAs and SAs can’t be proved of direct sign identification talkless of direct approval of salary.

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Reasons: The Obowo TC chairman from Umuariam a stone throw from Otoko runs Obowo affairs from a hotel Paskaline by road selfty junction Egbu Owerri making more difficult to attend to the entire staff at the right time.
The IMC members has been on recess for 3 months now why?.

The chairman’s
spirit of deceit and embezzlement which has led to failure of F&GPC having meetings together. The disagreement between the IMC members and Jasper over using 1.2million to paint the LGA fence for the governors wife visit. unapproved 1.5million for seminar attendance for 4 staff. Please ndi Obowu is of record since Jasper assumed office Obowu has lost 3 people in unwarranted crisis and the only local government in IMO with highest record of accidents why?, We should watch the nemeses of onye Jasper gburu na Mbaise.

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Biko nu let’s advice Jasper to go for deliverance before it is too late. Jasper is a bad market and any body supporting all confirmed evil deeds of Jasper chukwuemeka is an enemy of Obowo. QED
Hon. Finian Chuks

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