Imo: Understanding Governor Uzodimma’s Unfolding Plans And Policies Of Better Roads For Imo People


By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

The arm-chair critics in Imo State have a lot of catching up to do as far as the plans, policies, programmes and projects of the Executive Governor of Imo State, His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma are concerned.

One very important sector that has serious implications for the Government and people of Imo State is the roads. It’s generally believed that the roads form one of the few infrastructural facilities simultaneously and collectively enjoyed by Ndimo, rich and poor, high and low, male and female.

Instructively, beyond the petty propaganda and blackmail stunts against the Uzodimma government, the governor is silently doing a lot to get more and more of Imo roads in good condition.

However, for the obvious reason of Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe being urban townships that also serves as the social and economic hubs of the State, much of the road works by Governor Uzodimma are being carried out in the urban areas.

That doesn’t imply that road work aren’t going on in the rural areas. The difference is that the work in the urban areas are just higher than the work in the rural areas. With time the road revolution which Governor Hope Uzodimma has initiated since his assumption in office will spread across the State.

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If the English saying that “Rome was not built in a day” is anything to go by, then much of the sense will be in the area of road construction. It takes a minimum of 300 hours to complete a kilometer of road.

Therefore, for the 35 kilometers stretch of Orlu-Owerri Road, for example, it’ll require nothing less than 10,500 hours. If that one day is 24 hours, one week is 168 hours, one month is 672 hours and one year is 8,064 hours!

That means it requires about one year and four months (sixteen months) to complete the Orlu-Owerri Road. However, the agreement with Craneburg Construction Company, the contractors constructing the road, was that 18 months will be the expected time of completion (etc) of the road.

Now, for effective work on the roads, only about six months of dry season are available. Major road construction aren’t done during the peak of the rainy season.

Driving through Orlu-Owerri Road, it would be observed that a lot of spade work are skeletally going on just as materials are available, with the contractor awaiting the arrival of the dry season soon for full-scale work to begin.

The scenario being narrated about the ongoing work on Orlu-Owerri Road is applicable to the Okigwe-Owerri Road and other roads on which construction is going on in the State.

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It’s therefore very reassuring that road maintenance work is set to commence on some roads in parts of Owerri Municipal.

According the Honourable Commissioner for Works, Hon. Barr. Ralph Nwosu, the roads to be fixed in this phase of the road maintenance project include:

(1.) DSS Road. (2.) Works Layout Road (3.) Works Road (4.) Amakohia flyover – Orji flyover Link Road (5.) Orji flyover – Bishop’s Court Road.

All of those are in the Amakaohia area of the capital. In the Aladimma/Ikenegbu area, there are some roads that will receive maintenance touches. They include: (1.) Churubim Junction – IMSU Back Gate Road (2.) Wetheral – Ikenegbu Girls – Jevinick Restaurant – Holy Cross Catholic Church Road (3.) Onukaogu Extension – Mbonu Ojike Street Road (4.) Nwaturuocha by MCC – Prison Road (5.) Item Street.

Some roads described as “Concorde Boulevard” area will also receive maintenance attention. They include: (1.) Hospital Junction – West Brook Hotel- Court Road (2.) Concorde – Ahiajoku – PH Road (3.) Ebere Links – Saga Suite Hotel Road (4.) House of Assembly Junction – Area “H” Road (5.) Concorde Hotel – State Secretariat Road (6.) Concorde – IBC – NTA Road (7.) Jacob Zuma Road (8.) Chidi Akuruwa Street by Teacher’s House Road (9.) Civic Center Road.

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On the whole, there are a total of 19 roads to receive maintenance repairs in this phase of Governor Uzodimma’s well-structured plans and projects for Imo roads. Anybody that knows those roads could appreciate the network connectivity that the governor aims to fix and tie together.

From this programme, preparations for the best drives around the capital city of Owerri during the fast approaching yuletide is top gear. Ndimo will assuredly enjoy driving on good roads both in and around Owerri, but also in parts of the rural areas of the 27 LGAs.

For such vision and plans of better roads for Imo people, Governor Uzodimma deserves all the commendations and applauses that he has been getting from far and near. To God be the glory!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rehabilitated, reconstructed and recovered!

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