Is Governor Obiano Finishing High or Low?


In 1999 Dr Chinwoke Mbadinuju was elected the governor of Anambra state and in 2003, he handed over to Ngige.

It was said that Mbadinuju handed over empty treasury, one year teachers’ strike and dilapidated state of infrastructure to Ngige. Infact, Anambra was in ruins as at the time Ngige took over.

So Mbadinuju finished very low.

Ngige took over on May 29, 2003 and was removed by the Appeal Tribunal in 2006. Ngige is recorded as the man who made ndi Anambra to know that ‘na ego di na govamenti.’

He finished very high. Built alot of infrastructure especially roads and left about 12 billion naira as at the time he left in 2006.

Then came Mr Peter Obi in 2006 and handed over to Obiano in 2014. Obi emulated Ngige and ended on a high note.

He built an Anambra that has become an example of good governance model in Nigeria. He set a record in the history of Nigeria. He left over 75 billion naira. He was not owing contractors. He had about 55 million dollars in another account.

Obi finished higher.

Obiano took over on March 17, 2014.
He has not given account of his stewardship but we followed his performance.

Obiano built Awka flyovers at the cost of about 15 billion naira.
He built Anambra airport at the cost of about 20 billion naira. The Awka township stadium and International conference can not cost over 20 billion naira. The Omambala river bridge will be valued at less 5 billion naira.

These are his major legacy projects. If you estimate the cost of these projects, it will amount to about 60 billion naira.

It implies that if the outgoing governor ran a prudent govt, there should be about 10-15 billion naira left in the 75 billion naira Obi handed over to him. It also means that the 54 million dollars ought to be cooling off and adding value in the domiciliary account.

When you now bring together these rough estimations, you wonder what he borrow over 100 billion naira for, since all overhead expenses are covered by both the month federal allocation and IGR.

However, by March 17, 2022 we shall possibly access more data and be firm in rating if him appropriately.

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