Is Politics The Only Vibrant Sector In Enugu State ?

“The only vibrant sector in Enugu state is the political sector”…

Those were the words of my uncle Ben Ezeabia some years ago.

During a round table chat, Ben had asked us to do a checklist of all tertiary institutions in Enugu state. I recall, we recorded more than ten and less than fifteen schools located in Enugu.

Again, he asked us to estimate the number of graduates per year, a little check and small arithmetic, the result was over 15,000 graduates per year.

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Then, he asked us to do a checklist of all medium-large scale functional productive firm/s or plants in Enugu state including government companies, we could not mention up to five.

Where would the yearly 15,000 youths work? At this, silence swallowed the room.

In one of my notes, I mentioned that there are no jobs in Enugu state. Thus, there is massive youth flight in the state and I need not emphasize the negative impacts.

In plain language, if you are not working in a government ministry in Enugu, then you are strutting the four cardinal points on your party rag, tuning chants, and drumming for a politician.

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In an era of tales of wanton incursion, rape and serial kidnap by criminal elements in Enugu state, Sen. Ike is prioritising image making, merry making and triumphant entry.

Youths in their thousands on a working day flooded the Airport which is awaiting a shut down to apologize to one of their oppressors for a beating they did not commit.

Is this love? I don’t know. Is this joblessness? Yes. This is not what we learnt from Peter Obi. This is not what we learnt from Sullivan Chime. If you don’t find these photos disturbing, let it sink, I found them worrisome.

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Sen. Ike and his beggarly armies are offering us a fresh perspective to the definition of numb. But, what is shame to a hungry man?

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