Is smoking marijuana beneficial in any way?

Absolutely, and I can bear direct testimony to that fact. I have been suffering from chronic pain following an infection of the bones at the base of the skull and first vertebra of the neck in late 2010. I was on oxycodone for almost 9 years, when a few months ago I was introduced to CBD oil. I didn’t even have to wean off of oxycodone. I was able to stop taking it, and had no side effects. The CBD oil takes care of my pain completely, where the oxycodone just made it tolerable.

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Missouri passed a medical marijuana law last year. It goes into effect later this year. I qualify for it, but don’t know if I’ll need it since I’m well controlled on full spectrum CBD oil.

Studies have been conducted to show the effectiveness of CBD products on patients who suffer from cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, peripheral nerve pain, and back/neck pain. As a result, more and more states are legalizing marijuana for medical use.

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