It’s Time For Nigeria To Breakup – Fani Kayode

Fani Kayode has said that the call for restructuring Nigeria is too Late


“We are in far, far greater trouble than we can possibly imagine, as we continue to blabber, quaff one mug of beer after another and gyrate to the sounds of King Sunny Ade!

“The growing insurgency in Nigeria was obviously conceived/planned and is being directed and coordinated by reactionary elements within the Fulani aristocracy – with tentacles reaching into the Federal Government and security and intelligence agencies.

“Small wonder that Lt. Gen. TY Danjuma said that we would all lose sleep if we ever discover what is truly unravelling in our country.

“Given what is going on today I am convinced of two things.

“Firstly that the call for restructuring is not only outdated but also too little, too late.

“Secondly that Nigeria will break into two or more pieces within the next five years.

“Mark my words and remember them!

Speaking about his court case, He added that The runway at Port Harcourt International Airport was re-built and fully paid for by him when he was Minister of Aviation in 2007.

“If anyone has any doubts about that they should ask Julius Berger who were the contractors. The runway was commissioned and the airport was opened shortly after we left office later that year.

“Rotimi Amaechi falsely asserted on Channels Television TWO YEARS AGO that I did not build the runway and that I ran away with the 2 billion naira that was used to build it are sick. We settled that matter in a debate on Channels Television TWO YEARS AGO.

“Why the Buhari media machine and his faithful almajiris should be re-cycling that old and discredited video clip which has been in circulation for two years today baffles me.

“Dont they have anything better to do? Don’t they have anything more than that? Is that all they have got? Poor bitter souls. Hellfire awaits them.

“I leave Rotimi Ameachi to God for making this baseless and absurd allegation albeit two years ago. I repeat, as Minister of Aviation, I REBUILT and COMPLETED the Port Harcourt by 2007 and the contractor did not do it for free.

“The Ameachi that made this accusation me has not built one thing that he originally started since he was Minister of Transport in 2015.

“He only commissions projects that were built and established by the Jonathan administration.

“Worse still he has been indicted for corruption by a Commission of Inquiry set up by the Rivers State Government where he was accused of stealing billions of naira. I pity him.

“For the last two years we have been waiting for the documents and evidence that he said he would give to the young lady from Channels that interviewed him and who thought she had the scoop and revelation of the century.

“Sadly for her he could not come up with anything and she is very lucky that I chose not to sue her pretty little knickers off together with him. He wrote.

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