Jackson Ude’s Criminal Record, Two Liens In US

Jackson Ude's Criminal Record, Two Liens In US

Notorious fake news merchant, Jackson Ude, is struggling to make ends meet in the United States, state government and public records have shown.

According to US government records, Ude has no recognized job in the US, except for the factory work that he undertook in the past.

The public records show that Ude does not have any registered firearms in the United States despite showings on social media that he possesses two firearms.

According to the US public records, Ude is neck-deep in debt and is struggling to pay on his mortgage, this is believed to be why he is desperate to blackmail high ranking Nigerian citizens through his blog.

According to the US government, Ude and Carmen Amaro (principal applicant) took a mortgage loan of $241,153 from Summit Management Corporation which they are supposed to finish repaying by 2050. The loan type is categorized as “conventional”.

But because Ude does not have a regular job, he is finding it difficult to support his family and pay on the mortgage.

According to the US government, he has four phone numbers, six addresses, one crime/traffic record and two liens.

The records show that Ude has lived in six apartments since he began seeking asylum in 2004. “Ude has lived in six apartments from 2004 till date. Four in Bronx, New York; one in Philadelphia and presently in New York (2019 till date),” this newspaper cannot publish his house addresses for security reasons.

The report also shows that Emily J. Tonye and Osariemen M. Osagie are two of Ude’s associates.

US government record shows that Ude is notorious in the United States as he was in his native Nigeria. He was once arrested for overspeeding, according to law enforcement office.

He also has two liens against him by the State of New York (to the tune of $1605. $1156 filed in 2011 and $449 filed in 2010.

This newspaper contacted the National Intelligence Agency in Nigeria for information on Ude, the agency said it was currently working with some US agencies on Ude and could not disclose any information until their work is concluded.

It would be recalled that Ude has been charged by the court for fake news and defamatory statements against former Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and businessman, Abubakar Ismaila Isa.

Only last week, he falsely accused Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo of collecting N4 billion form embattled EFCC chief, Ibrahim Magu.

Magu has however denied this claim by Ude

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