Justice For Mrs Ndidiamaka Ekwerekwu Is Justice For All Widows

Justice For Mrs Ndidiamaka Ekwerekwu Is Justice For All Widows

This world is funny. How can a fellow woman be fighting a widow because of her late husbands wealth to the extent of arresting a 9months old baby in the process without her mum. A minor.

As at 7am this morning some officers of IRT at Venn road Onitsha Anambra state arrested a lady in custody of a 9months old baby of a widow Mrs Ndidiamaka Ekwerekwu. The widow left her child with a her sister in-law Mrs Ngozi to go get food and drugs, as his down with high fever and just got back from the doctors place. On her return, her son and her friend was no where to be found. On inquiries from people around,she realised her son has been arrested. Like seriously!!!!!

Her offence being that her late husband Sir Amechi Ekwerekwu who died over 8 months ago and still being kept in the mortuary by Miss Njideka Ndiwe and Charles Ekwerekwu who have been working earnestly to acquire his property’s before he will be buried . Their plans is to get her sign off all the deceased property for fear of losing her only child. Miss Njideka Ndiwe and Mr Charles broke into the deceased office at Onitsha and made away with documents belonging to the deceased. I guess the man sensed the danger ahead and did the needful by willing his properties to his wife and son before his demise.

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The family of the deceased seeing that their game is over,decided to cook up stories that the son is not the deceased biological son and involved the men from IRT to use intimidation on her to do their biddings.

Miss Njideka Ndiwe and Mr Charles Ekwerekwu the chief planners with Mr Nnoso Okechukwu accompanied by men of IRT this morning perpetrated this agonising misconduct leaving the widow who’s son is sick traumatised. As we speak the boy is still with the IRT In Awka without food or drugs.
Meanwhile the case is being looked into by both families and work is ongoing to resolve the issue amicably,. My question is?

1, Why will Miss Njideka Ndiwe an Onitsha citizen knowing the tradition and cultures of our people insists that Mr Victor Amechi Ekwerekwu (the deceased )who is still in the mortuary has no right to will his properties to his son?

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2, According to Igbo tradition once your married any issue from the marriage whether adopted or otherwise becomes biological as far as both parties agree?

3, Why will Miss Njideka Ndiwe and Mr Charles Ekwerekwu wait for the mans demise to make claims of his sons paternity. Is it their duty?

4, In this twenty fist century is it right for families to intimidate a widow who is still mourning her husband all because of financial gains.

Please I need advise,suggestion and also plead on behalf of the Widow, that anyone who knows Miss Njideka Ndiwe and Mr Charles Ekwerekwu should please advise them rightly to stand by our traditions and cultures to avoid the wrath of God.

Ccc Ndi ichee na Agbalenze Onitsha Addo to please look into this matter as a matter of urgency as the widow Mrs Ndidiamaka Ekwerekwu feels unsafe with her son.
Our traditions and cultures are also been maligned.

Widows letter to our office.

My name is Mrs
Ndidiamaka Ekwerekwu,, my late husband name is Mr Victor Amechi Ekwerekwu, he died on 31st October 2019, Miss Njideka Ndiwe and Mr Charles Ekwerekwu ,came back from London since last year,and started threatening me with police from IRT to take away all that belongs to my husband and I, this morning Njideka Ndiwe from ogbeoza village in onitsha,and Nonso okechukwu,a cousin to my husband and men from IRT came and arrested my 9 months old son a minor under d care of a friend, when I stepped out to get food stuffs and drugs for my son, till now I can’t find my son.
Charles Nwabufo Ekwerekwu refused to bring d corpse of my husband for proper Christian burial,I have not seen d corpse since he died. They hijacked it and seize d receipt from me,he is insisting that I must write an agreement and hand over to him all concerning d property,it is against d Igbo custom to divide d property of a dead man without first laying him to rest.
Charles Nwabufo Ekwerekwu and Njideka Ndiwe threw me out of d house my husband and Charles built together,she vow to deal with me,until I sub pedal or give up

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Council of widows Anambra state

More details later

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